The Big C-19

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    Re: The Big C-19

    The Big C-19
    Luckily for me wfh hasn't been too difficult, I've saved money on tea, travel and copious amounts of turkish food due to the work canteens being woefully inadequate. However as a result of wfh I have discovered my internet is as good as it was in 2005

    Quote Originally Posted by Joopie? View Post
    Lets take right in our own hands and burn down telephone towers!

    Disclaimer: please do not.
    I agree joopie let's go
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    Re: The Big C-19

    Quote Originally Posted by LordDemonMan View Post
    So because it is a potent immunosuppressive and anti-malarial medication it's also great for viral infections, right.

    In vitro activity doesn't equate to in vivo activity, at best it only implies that, at least until there is evidence, solid evidence.

    HCQ is used for the conditions you listed because there is evidence it works on them, because the benefits outweigh the risks.

    Since we're in a situation like this, with no wiggle room for proper trials, we start trials like Solidarity and Discovery (do look them up before moaning). Some hospitals use HCQ, others get remdesevir, other still use Kaletra etc.

    So imagine this, that French study is actually right, HCQ does jackshit. Then there is nothing to gain and more to lose. When you're propped to a ventilator, getting a fucking ventricular arrhythmia really won't improve your survival odds.

    You can freely access the COVID-19 topics on UpToDate.
    You know, the best friend of any physician following the principles of evidence-based medicine and not some quackery.

    Regardless, you do you, dude.
    Now do Blood plasma also please. The more information presented the better.

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    Re: The Big C-19

    I don't know if it is political or not. I am not affiliated with either side.

    What I do know is: I wish to be able to make my own choice if I get to stay at home or not, since I have a job that affords me the luxury of not needing to be in the office. But when they make the call that I have to go in, I will have to go in regardless how I feel about that or my level of comfort. Because I am privileged enough to do so, I can control my risks of exposure now, I recognize that not everyone is able to stay home and some people must go to work regardless of their comfort levels. Again, this is not for me in any way political.

    I also know that I was talking to a friend of mine, desperately trying to help her (a few short weeks ago), over text chat while she was in the car with her family (at the hospital in the parking lot) while they were talking with her grandma on facetime. They were saying good bye to the grandma on facetime, because they weren't allowed in to see her. Later through much begging they did get to say goodbye in person, briefly, but were not able to be there for her final moments. But, luckily the grandma wasn't alone, because her husband (so both my friend's grandpa and grandma were in the same room together with covid), and he was there with her when she passed. How coherent he was is another story.

    The grandpa has not passed, but can only breath with oxygen as of now. He also got cdiff, just to make things more complex. Additionally my friends aunt is in critical condition, and sounds like she is not expected to make it. Oh, and my friend wasn't allowed to go to her own grandma's funeral, because she has covid (her whole family does, they all live together).

    I can just tell you after being on the sidelines through this last month with her, its been really hard to find the right words to say most days. I have no idea what to say. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, glorfied flu, or whatever you call it, I don't wish for anyone to say their final goodbyes to someone they love on facetime, or beg to be able to see them or anything my friend has gone through. Btw, she is sick as I said, and its been a full month and she still feels like shit. Yeah, I don't wish this shit on anyone.

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    Re: The Big C-19

    For my personal situation. My mother passed just when the widespread of this disease took the world by storm. We held out for about a month until we decided that it was time to bury her and not keep her on this earth for the prolonged period of over a month. Due to this global crisis, we were allowed to choose only ten (10) persons who could attend the funeral. That's inclusive of her immediate family of husband and kids. Not really a decision you'd like to make for someone who has impacted the lives of those that came in contact with. It was quite the hurdle to get over. Even down to the viewing of her body last week, people were on a time limit based viewing to pay their final respects. I wish the situation could've been different than what was presented, but that is what we're faced with until this all clears.

    However, my take on all this as working as a law enforcement officer and being on the other side of the front lines during this pandemic. Most people don't seem to have a regard for this virus being real with the numerous encounters I have had. They see it as the government and particularly the world governments doing the lockdown as a means of control for its people.

    From my experience and relationships with the medical personnel I have the luxury of interacting with due to volume of cases that requires their assistance. They all are afraid of this virus, some even scared to go to work. I recall when information was trickling out about it, one even said that if it were to ever come here they would pack up and leave (not literally). But that gave me an idea of just exactly what we were dealing with. I myself have been taking precautions way before this came into play. Everyone has differing opinions, there isn't a strong amount of material to review. But based on the information we have, there can be educated responses. I just hope for all of this to have a way to properly combat it.

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    Re: The Big C-19

    Quote Originally Posted by MentaL View Post
    I'll keep this short and sweet regardless of you being a medical professional. I have a real disdain for people who largely attack the Hydroxychloroquine validation especially considering its used by TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE every day around the world and has been in circulation since the mid 1950s. I also find it concerning how same medication as used largely for various forms of ailments now offers people 'certain death' simply on the basis of the past four months.

    It's disgusting and I won't stand for it. I hope what I post can be validated in the future more so. For those unaware, Hydroxychloroquine is used each day for the following;

    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Lupus erythematosus
    • Porphyria cutanea tarda
    • Malaria

    There are other uses also. Like most medication - side effects are a real present danger but so is death. Hydroxychloroquine was approved for medical use in the United States in 1955. It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines.

    I hope this opens a lot of peoples eyes to the present dangers of a biased and complicit media.

    uh oh.

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    Re: The Big C-19

    Please ban obvious spam account.

    On topic... what exactly is the current situation regarding Hydroxychloroquine?

    @MentaL ?

    @LordDemonMan ?

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    Re: The Big C-19

    In my opinion, the pademia is greatly exaggerated

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    Re: The Big C-19

    Dan, you've truly lost your marbles mate. Stay off of Facebook.

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    Re: The Big C-19

    From what I've read above, the corona virus was both good and bad at the same time. For example for me (just me, not my family) it was good, because I got a job, they don't pay much, but at least I have a salary at the end of the month, and I'm having to leave the house a lot to go until this job, however, the problem is that we cannot be afraid of the virus itself, because if we are afraid our lives will literally stop, three of my friends died, four neighbors died and a cousin of mine was contaminated but he healed my uncle was also contaminated but was cured.

    So if we stop our lives for fear of being contaminated, it will end that we will not live, because fear will trap us, I am not talking to leave without masking, never washing my hands and etc., but just to lose fear, but to maintain hygiene .

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