[Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

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    [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    Recently I've been thinking of where to go from my current job. I'm a yard labourer/forklift driver for a builder's merchant here in the UK. I started on an agency but since October last year, I've been under the company's name as a forklift driver; supplying goods such as concrete, fence panels, various types of timber and sand/cement.

    I enjoy what I do, especially in the nice summer weather as my role is 99% outdoor work. It's very physically demanding meaning that I get a lot of exercise which keeps me fit. Even though I enjoy this kind of work, it's not something I want to be doing for the next 5 years. Luckily, my manager told me that when one of our drivers decides to leave or retire, I'll be doing my hiab and class 2 courses meaning that I'll be able to drive the 7.5t wagons we have at our branch, which is what I'm hoping to do for the next 5-10 years. If all goes well, I should be on the wagons in a few years.

    While that's all great and dandy, this is not my dream job. That's for later on in life where I hope to have my own business building parts for performance spec vehicles such as racing, touring, drifting and all general sought-after parts.

    All of this made me think this could possibly be a good discussion thread for our neglected Outerworld section. What's your dream job?


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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    Oh, nice thread and you've got some nice dreams. It also looks like you've got a nice future for the next 5-10 years. You could try to start working on your own business in the meantime. Don't let any obstacle become your excuse to not continue your development towards your own company.

    At this moment I'm working full-time as a full-stack webdeveloper. However, I've been aiming a lot more towards front-end and started to develop skills in the frameworks and techniques of the future. Think about ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, etc. At my current job the work pressure is starting to get extremely high and it's demotivating me like crazy. Also, since I really want to start working on new techniques (we're dependent of Magento, who is the creator of our "CMS" we develop in, they are not fast with implementing new techniques). It will take a couple of years before we finally see something like ReactJS or something. Also, we're working for customers who want a webshop.. I hate that.. So, at this moment I am applying for a front-end development for my government.

    I want to work max. 4 days a week and I will purchase my first house once I get hired for a new job. I will also see this as a step further towards my own company (which is my dream). I want to develop mobile and web apps (think about tools, administrating utilities, things to make life easier) and be able to eventually hire my own employees. I also love to start working on smart home tools. I'm a huge fan of technology, smart tools, etc. Anyway, once I work 4 days a week instead of 5, I will have lots more time to continue working on this dream.
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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    my dream job ? doing nothing (not really physical instead of my actual job) & earn billions, like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg & many other parasites ...

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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    I'm currently a webdev, my dreamjob would actually be to become a voice actor. Though THAT is not a field that you can easily just roll into, so I accept the fact I will never have the chance to experience it. :P

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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    Actually it is a field you can easily roll into, you just have to use YouTube's power.

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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    It would be awesome to work on some E-sports or Networks brand such as Evil Geniuses or probably Fnatic.

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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    low level programmer
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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    Quote Originally Posted by oggm View Post
    I want to be a male porn actor but my penis isn't big enough :'(
    Oh the struggle

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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    Quote Originally Posted by oggm View Post
    I want to be a male porn actor but my penis isn't big enough :'(
    How about midget porn? It would be bigger relatively.
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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    space cowboy

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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    Director or screenwriter for movies. Currently in filmschool. Only thing I ever really felt passionate about.

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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    Completely different to everyone else, my dream job was an Anatomical Pathologist. I can still work towards this goal i'm just unsure if I want to go through medical school after already finishing a Biomedical Science degree. Meanwhile i'm quite happy working as a Scientist in a Pathology laboratory, I'm quite into Haematology and Microbiology it's not nice finding Leukaemia or Meningitis in young children but to me it has the biggest real world impact. On the side I try to work on little projects using the whole full stack Node, Angular, Mongo etc.
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    Re: [Discussion] What is your dream occupation?

    I just want to build houses and work in trades.