Happy Birthday @Future

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    Happy Birthday @Future

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    As the title says, happy birthday @Future, have a nice one, lot's of booze and stuff ...
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    Re: Happy Birthday @Future

    Happy birthday @Future

    The world's gone mad.

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    Re: Happy Birthday @Future

    Hi @Future dude i don't even know you but i wan't to greet you happy birthday i hope you still get laid and happy in yourlife more lucky things come in your life

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    Re: Happy Birthday @Future

    Happy Birthday @FutureHappy Birthday @FutureHappy Birthday @Future

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    Re: Happy Birthday @Future

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Rest in Peace Akaruz

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    Re: Happy Birthday @Future

    Happy birthday mate! Best of wishes! Health and prosperity!

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    Re: Happy Birthday @Future

    What a surprise to wake up to!

    Much guys, appreciate everyone replying!

    Have some individual replies:

    @Mucski: Yeah xD Not into that kinda stuff, but aye appreciate you making a thread for me <3

    @Unphased: Thx bud!

    @Site: Ey fellow C++ coder. It's funny how you don't know me and still know I haven't got laid yet . Appreciate your wishes!


    @Justice For All: Haha, ain't that party type sadly, thanks though!

    @Madison: Thankies!

    @Thunda: Thanks m8!

    Profile pic is temp for today ;)
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    Re: Happy Birthday @Future

    Make sure to update us and let us know what you end up doing for this, monumental occasion!

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    Re: Happy Birthday @Future

    Don't know you as far as I can recall but Happy Birthday and I wish you the best!

    Skype - el_jamie

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    Re: Happy Birthday @Future

    happy bday noob