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    Re: For your information


    It's so sad... RZ lost a goodfather long time ago , and i dont even now that , "thanks" to my 4years holdays in hell... :(

    Im proud to have him as one of my 5 profile friends on rz ...

    R.I.P Akaruz

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    Re: For your information

    Quote Originally Posted by Korey View Post
    Reading all this, its 2013, its the first time i'm reading this, i'm reading all this for about 1 hour (?)

    I dont know Aka, but he lives in the same country as me, and...

    I'm crying without knowing him.

    How can this be real?

    God help this boy.

    Hope to meet you somewhere.
    Same for me :(

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    Re: For your information

    Never been so emotional reading a thread before. I am literally balling... I didn't know Aka but from the looks of it he was a great guy.

    RIP Aka!

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    Re: For your information

    Even today people give him and his family their condolences and pay their respects. This me be "outerworld", but he is the spirit of this forum :). May he rest in peace, and may he be the example to other people.

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    Re: For your information

    Only today that I know Akaruz had already left us long ago, after searching old thread on DragonRaja.
    Really emo now after reading first few pages.

    Rest in peace Akaruz.

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    Re: For your information

    RIP Akaruz :/

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    Re: For your information

    Quote Originally Posted by Sjogern View Post
    Wow I'm a bit after, but jesus christ, I can't belive things like this happens.
    It's so surreal to see that account, knowing the person that created it, doesn't exist on this earth anymore (he does in heaven).

    R.I.P, even though I didn't know this guy at all.

    Over 4 years, 2014 will be the 5th year since his passing, so sad, but at the same time it gives you a rather warm feeling lurking around his posts all these years later.

    Seeing that I've posted this on my old account, this reply is just a repeat of the quoted above.

    Yet again, R.I.P

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    Re: For your information

    I remember reading this thread the first time I saw it. I didn't know him, but I read every single page in this thread. It's so hard to see someone you don't know pass and not get to know them. He seemed to be really loved in the community and a really nice guy. Still wish I got to meet/talk to him before he passed. Anways, R.I.P

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    Re: For your information

    Legend. Devastated of reading this post! Rest in Peace.

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    Re: For your information

    Man i've been real absent, i had no idea this happened. We talked a few times when i joined RZ, he was a cool dude. Rest in peace my friend.

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    Re: For your information

    still a legend, always a legend.

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    Re: For your information

    Holy crap, what a wake-up finding this thread again. I've been through RZ on a number of now forgotten accounts back in the day and remember seeing Akaruz around a lot, and was around back when this post was made... he was a cool guy to chat with, and had a lot of influence, and finding this thread again brought back a lot of memories.

    RIP Akaruz, may this community never forget you and cherish life all the more in your memory.
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    Re: For your information

    Damn, To think 7 years ago we lost a true legend,

    You never knew me Igor, But I heard a lot about you, The way you used to bring influence upon people. And the people who where down to make them feel happy about there self,

    You will forever been the Godfather of RaGEZONE and I can guarantee no one is ever taking your place,

    R.I.P Soldier

    Forever in our thoughts