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    Re: For your information

    Quote Originally Posted by Akaruz View Post
    Well There's a Time in Life where we Reach an End

    And Today is my Time to say GoodBye to RageZone and as you guys now , there will not be a comeback like some of the guys

    As some of the Top Moderators knew a few days ago , I do have Health Problems that cant be fixed.

    One of them I knew i had it for a few years , the other one i found it when i stayed in the hospital on my breakdown ( To be honest for quite a long time i had forgotten that i had a brain tumor since i never had problems with it , but it got worse ) , the other one is Hereditary ( Heart Problems ) and could be operated but no point since I on a position i can die anytime time soon ( specially when the doctors gaved me from 1 day to 1 month life spawn.

    I just wanted to Thank you guys for the Good Moments i had on this Forum , The pleasure i had working with servers ( started with Mu and I kept going higher and higher , A3 , RF Online just to name a few )

    Was a Pleasure to speak with every single old and present Super Mods ,wont deny that i also liked a few Moderators :P ( But "Hated" with all my heart some - and Mental know how i Bitched at him for putting them as Mods )

    Just to name a few , and sorry for not speaking about all or i would had to "waste" more than 2 posts due to the limit

    Mental - was a pleasure to help you in your Forum and having it running during your absences :P ( you sheep wanker )

    Becky - I Miss that girl alot , loved to speak with her
    NoPeace - Loved to Annoy him and making him worried , until he learned how i worked and when i was joking or not :P

    Madison - Loved to work with you since we had similar ideas on how to keep the Forum running and what we thought about the stuff we discussed

    CrashOverride - Loved your long posts , your massive Wall of texts that you wrote just to make your point and avoid me bitching at you ;)

    Triumph - Loved our chats on msn and ofc your posts that made me laugh ( no not the ones in general section but the ones on the Moderation one - you just need to move your ass and stop being Lazy :P )

    Loved to bitch at Rishwin and GohanSSJ ( being the later a laugh since i would say i would do it on purpose just to see him angry ;) )

    And well i think its enough , sorry if i didnt put you above , but if i did that i wouldnt be able to stop writting

    To All S.M , it was a pleasure to work at your side , To all Mods it was a pleasure to bitch and complain about you guys ;) since sometimes it would be the only way to make you understand how things worked and how to do it.

    To All Old members , was a pleasure to serve you guys , to ban a few ( LOTS ) and to help you in your doubt

    I only regret that people changed in the server scene since in the old times people would help themselves alot more and try to learn stuff , and nowadays people tend to spend money on server files , keep to themselves or form a private team , but well thats "progress"

    To All i say GOOD BYE and my Apologies for not meeting you guys personally ( thats my only regret during all my time here )

    ( Igor Almeida )

    P.s.: Mental or Exclamatio , if you can move this thread or my post to the General so the others can read it, since i might log during the weekend before i go travelling around my country to see and do the stuff i always wanted to do :P

    P.s.II.: Sorry for making my goodbye like this but i couldnt think on a better or easy way of making this post
    Im actually tear eyed writing this but I just want to say that its been an absolute pleasure to have you on board and you will be dearly missed, you will always be a legend in these parts.

    Madison Fan Club Member : #1 . Thank you <3

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    Re: For your information

    It is with most regret that I am reading this.

    I want to wish you all the best and thank you for taking the time to post this. It is hard on everyone and mostly on you Aka.

    Hoping that you will be able to live the best and unforgettable moments of your life in the time you have left. (it just hurts saying that)

    Aka, the forever legend of Rz: May the Gods be on your side once you cross into the clearing at the end of the path...

    - Captain Scrat

    ~~~ FEAR IS WEAKNESS ~~~
    ~~~ FEAR IS WEAKNESS ~~~

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    Re: For your information

    Quote Originally Posted by MentaL View Post
    Im actually tear eyed writing this but I just want to say that its been an absolute pleasure to have you on board and you will be dearly missed, you will always be a legend in these parts.

    Well you're not the only one that cried since has you know from the previous posts I dont like to talk about myself , but it was the worst post i ever had to make in my life

    See ya in the next life

    Igor ( Akaruz )

    ps .: need to stop posting since each time i do i literally cry since i know i'll never have the pleasure to meet you guys

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    Re: For your information

    I'm speechless, its so sad to hear about this. I wish you all the best and luck.

    - Jamie
    Welcome to the Future.

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    Re: For your information

    Idk you, but I wish you could get healthy...:/

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    Re: For your information

    Akaruz, I really did never know you, but the more and more I read about you, the more I become deeply interested and attached. Farewell, it's crazy how a member of RZ can die any moment, ;/.

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    Re: For your information

    I'll miss you Akaruz. You were my favorite person/smod in Ragezone, and you inspired me to be more calm on Ragezone and you gave me lots of tips.

    Akaruz, I'll pray for your health, and I hope you get better soon.
    Holy fuck time flies and this forum is proof.

    Quote Originally Posted by Akaruz View Post
    RZ is a community , it isnt a group of friends who gather around and make chauvinist or sexist remarks toward other members gender or "ways of life"
    Quote Originally Posted by ihatehaxor View Post

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    Re: For your information

    Goodbye :(

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    Re: For your information

    Ahh man, sad to see you go Aka. :( Who's gunna bitch out moderators with poor English grammar now?? :P

    It wont be the same without you.
    -Cheat out-

    Quote Originally Posted by MentaL View Post
    Let's all send DaCheat a dollar.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rishwin View Post
    I'm not gay, i just like sucking dick!

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    Re: For your information

    Thx very much for all the work you have done for as here on will remain in our harts and minds :(

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    Re: For your information

    Quote Originally Posted by CioNide View Post
    Akaruz, I really did never know you, but the more and more I read about you, the more I become deeply interested and attached. Farewell, it's crazy how a member of RZ can die any moment, ;/.
    I second that.

    I want to post some lyrics here if I may. They were written by a friend of mine who is sadly no longer with us, but they have helped me through the loss of friends and family members. Not all of it fits, but some is quite fitting. If anyone wants to hear the song, send me a pm and i'll send you a link to it.
    The song is called Heads Held High

    Some people are moving on
    Others stuck in the past trying to figure out where it all went wrong
    And where did this jealousy come from?
    The time, the place, an angry face,
    The steps that you retrace will one day lead you back to where
    You belong
    But the road is long
    And so you've finally found your feet so you'll be gone
    Hold your head up high
    'cause we'll be by your side
    Keep telling yourself that everything's gonna be just fine
    Can't face another day
    But I will be okay
    My friends are here to stay

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    Re: For your information

    Igor's an awesome name.

    Good luck with anything else you plan to embark on in life

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    Re: For your information

    I never got to thank you for your help provided on forums and msn, your advices are pure gold. Thank you for everything, take care, be happy ...


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    Re: For your information

    My heart went up to my throat reading this Akaruz. I got nothing to say, I just dont feel that good reading all this.

    RZ will never be the same without you anymore.

    Our Godfather,

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    -never forgotten, my friend.

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    Re: For your information

    We are loosing a Legend.
    Up there its better than here, belive me :)

    Go in peace.