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    Re: For your information

    I can usually come up with a response to any subject, but I can barely think straight right now. You are a large part of RaGEZONE's history, and irreplaceable you shall remain. You were always the guy people could go to for advice/help and count on the fact that they were getting a wise response. I've had my fair share of bothering you with questions No matter what happens, you will always be remembered here at RZ as one of the greatest members this forum has ever known. And with tears in my eyes, I wish that we don't have to say farewell to you for a long long long time.
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    When IRMU makes a thread you don't question it, you just respect his authority.
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    QFT. Everyone knows IRMU's authority.
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    Yeah, and he's awesome. He's so awesome that I put him in Family category on MSN.

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    Re: For your information

    I don't really know what to say other than i feel so bad for you :( Hopefully there will be a little good news to come yet. You have all of my best wishes Akaruz!

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    Re: For your information

    :/ Good luck dude enjoy what time you have.

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    Re: For your information

    Wow this is so sad....

    Well I hope you still pwn the noobs when you're gone and tell us whether there is an afterlife or not. ;\

    But goodbye..

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    Re: For your information

    Well, to pay Akaruz back for all his hard works, times that he spared for the sake of the RZ community, all the bitching to discipline our asses, and etc, we must be good.

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    Re: For your information

    Now who's gonna show me pics of chicks on RZ and tell me that they'd so do them?

    Come back old man! I really don't wanna say more coz I know I wouldn't be able to keep those tears in and I haven't cried in over 12 years now.

    I really wished I was the Hindu Paki Santa .. atleast I cud have fulfilled my own wishes then. My life changed 5 years ago for a new turn coz of RaGEZONE and if there was an inspiration for me back then - it was YOU. You know what am talking about.

    If you don't come back Aka, I'll reveal your picture to the world. Mwahah. Yeah. Am blackmailing you ... <3
    Just do something, get well and come back dude...


    :( :( :( :((

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    Re: For your information

    I remember your work in the Mu Online section , you are a legend and so you will remain for the Mu community and Ragezone.
    Haven't got to know you better, but I wish you a nice life from now on .

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    Re: For your information

    Never actually got round to talking to you, apart from a few occasions on which I required help, and the answers you gave me were a lot more useful and to the point than the others I got. Your post was very touching, and it's pretty sad. Hope you enjoy the time you have left, and hope that you will last a lot longer than the doctors predict. Thank you for all the hard work you've put into RaGEZONE; I don't really know what else to say; it's all been said. I guess it's goodbye, and the hope that you'll get well soon.

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    Re: For your information

    have hope akaruz, who knows, if u keep it up, u just might live another 50 years, miracles happens, dont give up!

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    Re: For your information

    Well, right now I'm hating myself because I took your presence for granted. I never took the time to get to know you and I really do regret it now.

    Enjoy the time you have my friend. This forum community will surely never be the same without you. Good-bye.
    "You should of learned bitches love cake."

    RIP Akaruz

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    it went from banned to fire to chemo to noobs moaning to hijacking...
    <3 spamzilla

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    Re: For your information

    Well I'll say it as others have, I'm very sorry to hear about your news, and with all my heart I hope you can do the things you wanted to do in life and I hope you greatly enjoy them.

    This will teach me to enjoy life that little bit more, and although we never spoke, you have greatly influenced me in this moment alone. I know RZ will always have a special place for you and will always speak greatly of you. As someone that also suffers from a heart condition even though minor I feel I can empathise with you in some ways.

    As my father once said to me, it doesn't matter if there is no afterlife for us, as long as we live in peace with others and leave our mark with our friends, we will live on for eternity through them and their thoughts, and I know this is true of you, here at ragezone.

    Peace dude.
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    Re: For your information

    Everyone must put in his User Title
    Support For Akaruz

    Yeah do that,
    For the last time :S

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    Re: For your information

    WELL,I'll pray for you

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    Re: For your information

    Peace be with you my old friend...I believe that you were one of the first from RZ I had the pleasure of adding to my MSN, and it was because of your example that I started to add others and offer them help and advise. May your example that has been set be picked up on by others as well and continued on for this is the true form of immortality.

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    Re: For your information

    Dear Akaruz,

    Hello dude, don't give up and said doctor told me i have 1 month more. FUCK doctors they are shitheads just fight with your problem bro and dont let that shit beat u! I know its hard i know everyone will blame me about what i said but I really write this words with good meaning..Please dont be afraid and beat your ill!!! Let's give some plus energy to Mr.Akaruz RZ people!