Loving and caring, or heartless horrific monsters?

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    Loving and caring, or heartless horrific monsters?

    Loving and caring, or heartless horrific monsters?
    Hello fellow 'Zoners. First let me note I made a similar topic a few weeks ago, but that one was about extraterrestrial appearance not personality so this isn't a repost. (Also skip the first 2 paragraphs trying to add a little perspective for the main idea of the post.)

    Last night I had an amazing dream, (so bare with me when I try to recall/detail it) with incredible fantasy, euphoric, astronomical/other-world like visuals and feels, and there was one point where some of the people around watching what was going on suddenly turned pitch black, then faded into a jagged, humanoid-like shape, with their figure filled in with sparkling star-like orangeish/white points inside a dark void.

    Visual appearance aside, I remember they started trying to eat not only the humans around, but each other too. Then the next part I can recall was a couple of them coming up to talk to me, and the gist of what I remember them saying was how they are dark, utterly heartless, cold, unloving, unimaginably careless beings, and how they have no love or care for each other even, let alone other different beings or entities.

    So this has had me wondering a bit more than usual, what other-worldly extraterrestrial, sentient beings might be like, specifically if they would be emotionally similar to humans, capable of and exhibiting things like love, care, empathy, sympathy etc. or like the ones in my dream, just unimaginably horrid uncaring monsters.

    I know it would depend on a number of various factors, from their environment to their genetic makeup and more. But I just wanted to see what you guys personally think - or want! - extraterrestrial life to be like if we discovered and came in close contact with them.

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    Re: Loving and caring, or heartless horrific monsters?

    Considering that our emotions are based on chemical responses and other stuff (that's the technical term), I don't think aliens would experience them in the same way nor have the same spectrum of them. But I have no idea, I'm just a