The Marketing Thread

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    The Marketing Thread

    The Marketing Thread
    Hey, I would like to know if someone is into marketing, or just doing E-commerce online, would you guys please share some good tips on how retailing or buy and selling stuff would work? Especially from an International product shipped and then sold locally.

    I've been dreaming of doing a weird hobby out of the blue at the moment.

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    Re: The Marketing Thread

    Hey, i actually started learning about Online AFFILIATE Marketing, i am still a beginner though and what i do is create pages and with google/internet strategy's i direct visitors to my site and link them up to affiliate marketing sites like amazon, therefore i can make my income and i am happy with the website i create for example.

    Other thing u can do is promote your own Product (if u have, like a course how to cook, how to swim etc) or even an eBook.. people love to spend money so thats not the case, u just have to love what u wann do and the content you are putting out there has to pulls you working on it i guess.

    The most important thing is using google keywords and adwords for me, it helps u find niches and from there on u can create an audience,facebook page etc,youtube and continue ur passion .

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    Re: The Marketing Thread

    Thank you KarLi for sharing this!

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    Re: The Marketing Thread

    Until the tension and competitiveness between companies is increasing, the marketing agencies are starting to make tons of money on this situation, it is like a jackpot for a gambler. There are a lot of useful tools that can suite your business, but personally I would recommend you to create a website or a page somewhere which will represent your product. The perfect tools for you, would be targeting, email marketing and search engine optimisation. You can search information about each on the internet. Also there is, a website which contains everything about digital marketing.
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    Re: The Marketing Thread

    Hallo @ HeavenlyGifted, ik waardeer je geweldige idee voor ondernemerschap enorm. In dit digitale tijdperk houden mensen ervan om online producten en diensten te kopen en verkopen, dus er zijn veel zakelijke kansen om een succesvolle online ondernemer te worden. Ik werk ook in deze e-commerce-industrie als een professionele digitale marketeer, vooral ik doe Amazon-affiliate marketingactiviteiten via een paar verschillende niches-websites. Ik gebruik er ook een paar website checken werktuig om SEO Audit uit te voeren en mijn website Rank, Verkeer, etc. te analyseren. Dus ik heb uitgebreide kennis over de top e-commerce industrie en internationaal aan- en verkoopbeleid. Dus als u dit online bedrijf doet en u moet weten over digitale marketing. Er zijn veel mogelijkheden om producten met kleinhandelsprijzen van de internationale markt te kopen en deze lokaal te verkopen.

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    Re: The Marketing Thread

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