The miracle drug!

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    The miracle drug!

    Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant of the methylxanthine class.[10] It is the world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Unlike many other psychoactive substances, it is legal and unregulated in nearly all parts of the world.
    Hello fellow RaGEZONE'rs, today I bring to you a thread about caffeine - as weird or boring as it may sound. But, I have found out, for myself at least, that caffeine in the right amounts solves 90% of the psychological issues that I go through such as anxiety, depression, OCD, and other various conditions that I will address later on in the thread.

    So as you may have read in the beginning of the thread, Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. That means, obviously, that it stimulates your CNS, making your nerves more 'at ease' if you will for lack of a better term. Let's just take a look at the word stimulate to get a better understanding of what it does.

    To stimulate is to, "rouse to action or effort, as by encouragement or pressure; spur on; incite"

    So now that we know what caffeine itself does, let's take a look at the other half of this whole ordeal, our CNS. Our CNS (Central Nervous System) plays a key role in many things such as our mood, or feelings, our thoughts, and essentially our brain.

    I personally suffer from quite a few mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, generally nervous all the time, unclear thoughts, and what I suspect is either OCD or a mild form of ADHD. I have found however, that the right amount of caffeine stimulates (there's that word again) my brain and I can think more clear, I don't obsess and fixate on negative things as much, and I have more energy. I'm just generally in a better mood and I have more confidence when I have caffeine in my system.


    Because I just don't give a fuck!

    When I'm not "on caffeine" I'm shy, timid, and I concentrate on how others think of me too much. I'm constantly stuck in my own head. But when I take caffeine (which can be prescribed to you from a doctor believe it or not) I can just go with the flow and say what's on my mind, I don't care what other people think, I don't get stuck in my head, and I am just in a better mood.

    So what are some other proven benefits of caffeine? Well, plenty!

    Caffeine has been proven to improve memory and concentration. I've put this to the test and it works, for myself at least. Now, it's different for everyone, as with everything, so you'll have to find out for yourself of-course, but give it a try!

    Now, I'm not telling you to go drink 20 cups of coffee, but try taking 200-400 MG of caffeine and see how it makes you feel. (The lethal dose for the average person is around 4,000 MG just FYI so 200-400 is a safe amount, unless you're extremely sensitive to caffeine)

    I just thought I'd make this thread to help anyone who may be struggling with some of the same issues I'm going through. I lack confidence and I am always anxious about the world around me. But when I have the right amount of caffeine in my system, all my negative symptoms go away and I can just be myself. I'm, "stimulated" as the song by Tyga goes haha

    Now I have to put as a warning and reminder again however, do not overdose or take too much caffeine, especially if you are sensitive to it. While one person may be able to take 1,000 MG of Caffeine a day and be fine, another may only be able to take 200 MG of caffeine.

    Also, it is a drug. So you can become addicted to it. If you find yourself taking too much everyday, you need to stop right away and try to find an alternative as I have read that it has the same effects as methamphetamines on your brain just not as bad.

    And while caffeine does have its positive effects, it does come with negative side effects of course, such as irritability, high blood pressure, tremors/shakiness, upset stomach and of-course the inevitable 'crash' when the caffeine gets out of your system.

    So if you can just regulate the caffeine in your system throughout the day and find your 'sweet spot' I don't know, maybe caffeine can be the 'miracle drug' for you like it is for me!

    Here are a few articles and links on caffeine you want to read up on;

    If you want to learn more, just Google 'Caffeine' and see what you can come up with!

    Now, again, I'm not saying that Caffeine is just all roses and butterflies and will cure everything. It does have negative effects and can cause negative things to happen if too much is taken, or the wrong person takes it, or it is combined with other drugs. I'm simply stating that it can also have positive effects, and it does for me, so I figured I'd make this thread about it!

    Best of luck!