Year in Review: 2017

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    Year in Review: 2017

    The year is almost over. thank-fucking-g-d
    It's time to review what the year was like - what it brought us, what it took from us, remember all those who left and those who were left behind.

    But before we get all personal and sappy, let's check the videos, because who doesn't like a video?

    Google's year in search

    Youtube's, ugh, Rewind

    Faecebook probably cut the budget this year, because they're all text this year.

    And then there's Twitter's most retweeted... tweets.

    In less depressing videos and texts, GoPro sure had a blast this year

    And last, but not least, my year in review, just a wall of text, well, more like a text-brick:
    The first half of 2017 was fun, more or less.
    Except that one time when I was on call and had to resuscitate a patient.
    But it was a simpler life: wake up late at night so you'd get to the hospital early in the morning, work, get back, shower, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat.
    In June I managed to convince my professor to let me fuck off to my home-town hospital for two rotations.
    I learnt a lot, well, more than I would've at the uni hospital anyway.
    The other months are unremarkable, in September I officially entered my second year of medical residency (only three more to go, yay), but in November the big plot twist of 2017 caught me, or rather, our family by surprise and fucked me-us up.
    But I am still going, managing. This is not an ending, I keep repeating like a mantra.
    Here's hoping 2018 will be gentler or at least with better news.

    Share more year-in-reviews of other noteworthy media and share your personal year-in-review as well.

    We're all ears.
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    Re: Year in Review: 2017

    I don't know what it is, but seeing videos like this gives me a weird feeling.

    I look at the Google Year in Search video and it puts into perspective how worried people actually are because of society and fears they have. YouTube Rewind doesn't have the same effect though, I find it hard to concentrate when the idiots on the screen are earning millions a year.

    My Year in Review:
    It's been a great year, maybe one of the best ever. I spent a lot of the year living in Cambodia, teaching English and helping the local military get rid of bombs and mines, so it was enjoyable and I really enjoyed being part of another culture and learning such a great language.

    I'm a lot healthier now, some reason or another. Maybe it's because I couldn't get butter, milk, nice chocolate in Cambodia, but I'm probably going to get extremely fat because I'm home and I'm eating like a horse. It had come to a point where, because I was in Cambodia, nobody could make a cake for me so I was given a watermelon. It was a right fucking laugh.

    I'm for sure looking forward to next year!
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    Re: Year in Review: 2017

    Just a few additions to the videos:
    Looks like the UN haven't figured out how to make 720p videos. Here's their year in review:

    Science Magazine decided to summarise this year's breakthroughs:

    And then there's NASA's vid:
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    Re: Year in Review: 2017

    Hmm, here's my shit list of 2017:

    • I saw my dad again for the first time after a couple of years.
    • I have gotten my third contract from my job. I have worked as a dev for about 2 years now and I still enjoy it a lot.
    • I have watched all seasons from GoT, I enjoyed it with heart and soul.
    • 2 of my relatives caught cancer, my aunt is currently recovering, my nephew (her son) is currently going through chemo. Although I wish it would've hurted me more, I haven't seen them in ages. I do feel for them though.
    • I have cleaned out my room, gotten rid of a lot of stuff, feels great.
    • I have a cat now, he's turning 1 year old in March. It took me some courage to go through with it, since everything was kind of working against me, but I have taken on help from others to get him and am very happy.

    That's about it, have fun reading.

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    Re: Year in Review: 2017

    As I have been asked to post something here, I thought.. why not? But really, I don't have a lot of positive things to post (I don't like posting negative stuff) besides the following (thanks @Gaby for this format :p)

    - I have a "permanent" contract. This basically means I have do not have a predetermined end date to employment. It's going to be quite difficult to fire me, unless the company goes bankrupt.
    - Got an awesome car I never thought I could have for my age (23 y/o, 17k EUR car.. which is awesome for me!)
    - I will become an uncle (baby will be born next year! :))
    - I became a supervisor on an awesome forum with an awesome moderator team with awesome fellow supervisors and super moderators!
    - Got to see another beautiful (small) part of the USA (AZ, Nevada, CA)

    Besides being thankful for meeting the people I met this year, I do not have anything special to add. It's been quite a rough year, actually. I'm afraid next year won't be easier... sigh..
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    Re: Year in Review: 2017

    So for a couple of weeks I've just been in denial that it was even christmastime, which is end of the year. You know that song "so this is christmas, what have you done? another year over, and a new one just begun" that song kills me every year, I feel like, oh man did I do enough?

    So, this year:

    Obviously hit my 10 years as a supermod at ragezone, which also means, it was my 10 years at ragezone. Started in Jan and super by October.
    Wish I had a lot more to say, but things otherwise are mostly the same. Still have same job, same car, same house as last year. Happy with all three of those things. Next year I have a lot of plans to travel.

    Rest in Peace Akaruz