RIP Chester Bennington

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    RIP Chester Bennington

    Lots of countless hours listening to Hybrid Theory on repeat as a kid growing up. So sad. RIP.

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    Re: RIP Chester Bennington

    Hours upon hours of listening to their music, In The End and And One remain dear to me to this day.

    Good night sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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    Re: RIP Chester Bennington

    I've been a huge fan of Linkin Park for the last 12 years. This news is heartbreaking, especially due to the fact he has 6 children who no longer have a dad anymore.
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    Re: RIP Chester Bennington

    I'm not such an old fan as you guys but rest at ease to the one and only.
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    Re: RIP Chester Bennington

    So sad to hear about Chester Bennington's death. His early music days were an inspiring outlet for me throughout Hybrid Theory and Meteora, and got me through a lot of tough times.

    Please use this terribly sad occurrence as a reminder that smiles are not always happiness; many of us suffer behind them, and wrestle with demons we hide from you, in an effort to appear normal and survive another day.

    Love each other, accept each other, support each other.

    Rest in Peace.
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    Re: RIP Chester Bennington

    he was a great singer its a sad thing great loss indeed...

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    Re: RIP Chester Bennington

    RIP to him

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    Re: RIP Chester Bennington

    A golden voice is now gone :( A part of my childhood died with his passing.

    RIP Legend, you will dearly be missed.

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    Re: RIP Chester Bennington

    RIP Chester, but it was such a selfish way to end up with problems. Poor kids.
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    Re: RIP Chester Bennington

    As much as one tries to run from the inner ghosts, they always find a way to catch up with us.

    Chester suffered sexual abuse when he younger, and had his own demons that never let him go.

    I can only feel sorry for him and his family.

    2017 is being quite heavy...
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