Urban Exploration - Denbigh Mental Asylum (07/09/2016)

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    Urban Exploration - Denbigh Mental Asylum (07/09/2016)

    1 year ago today, me and the mother decided to take a trip to Denbighshire in North Wales to visit Denbigh Asylum. Now back then to present a lot has changed. I also went a few weeks ago after hearing about a big fire and it's sad to say that there isn't much to see anymore. So here's some information about Denbigh and what it looked like before the arson.

    Records - Click here!

    Founded - 1948 (47 years operating),
    Closure - 1995 (22 years abandoned),

    Present name
    North Wales Hospital

    Previous names
    North Wales Counties Lunatic Asylum (1848 - ?)
    North Wales Counties Mental Hospital (1929 - ?)
    North Wales Hospital for Nervous and Mental Disorders (1948 - c.1981)
    You're probably wondering why this death trap of buildings still stands? (or not lol) For years Denbigh couldn't be demolished due to the grade ll listing it holds. According to the Denbigh wiki, on 22/11/08 there were plans for the owner to repair and convert the whole site into apartments and residential properties. However emergency services were called to a fire in the main hall just a few days after the owner had spoken out about the plans. The suspected arson attack destroyed the main hall completely (I never saw this in person as I only found Denbigh in 2014 which is a real shame). The fire had caused so much damage that the owner instead left the place to rot. The owner of the land has been offered 2 million pounds by the council but he/she/they declined the offer. In 2011 the building was starting to collapse, the council had to by law invade the property (since it is privately owned for some reason...) and reinforce the structure which involved knocking every above ground floor through and replace the roof with sheet metal and new beams. After 16 years of decay the structure was finally on its last legs. This is why the council had no choice but to intervene and make emergency structure repairs which set them back Ā£939,000 (taken from wiki). Following fires in Feburary 2017 and July 2017 (these dates are in regards to what I meant about the big fire), it has been decided that after 69 years of Denbigh asylum standing, it will finally be demolished. Due to the extent of the damage, not even the grade ll can prevent the authorities from finally being able to bring Denbigh to its end. Nothing has been released about the future of the land.

    Personally I think Denbigh has had its fame. It is known to everyone within the urbex community as one of the greatest (and most dangerous) locations in the UK. I think 22 years is enough and if the structure flops again, someone could easily die there.

    The council still intend to buy Denbigh Asylum.

    The pictures you're about to see are pre-fire, exactly a year ago today. A lot of what you're seeing is no longer there due to arson. Enjoy.


    Main Entrance

    Inside Main Entrance

    Secondary Building From Courtyard

    A Collapsed Floor (area of fire, no longer there)

    Markings From 28/03/1990

    Secondary Building Rear

    Main Door & Stairs

    Rear Buildings & Remains (from 2008 fire)


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