[Release] DesertCore CMS 1.2.0 open-source

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    [Release] DesertCore CMS 1.2.0 open-source

    [Release] DesertCore CMS 1.2.0 open-source
    DesertCore CMS v1.2.0 full version (open-source)

    Lately, I've been dealing with some heart related issues which have changed my views on many aspects of life. Just in case I'm not around for much longer, I have decided to open-source DesertCore CMS so everyone can enjoy it and move forward on the development of BDO private servers.

    There's a lot of work behind the development of this cms, I hope you guys enjoy it.

    Special thanks to everyone who supported me on this project <3




    • Account registration
    • Account login
    • Facebook registration and login
    • Google registration and login
    • Password recovery
    • Google Recaptcha (registration, login and recovery)
    • Account profile
    • Account password change (with or without email verification)
    • Account email change (with or without email verification)
    • News system
    • Pages / modules system
    • Downloads page
    • Multi Language system
    • Language switching
    • Email system (with HTML templates)
    • Vote for cash
    • Cron job system (scheduled tasks)
    • Characters information page (user account)
    • Ticket Support System
    • PayPal Donation System
    • Login API
    • Redeem Code System
    • Fully Featured Items Web Shop
    • Web Shop Purchase History

    • News management
    • Account search
    • Account profile (with all basic account information)
    • Account list
    • Create new accounts
    • Display top voters (filter by year and month)
    • Unverified accounts list (with options to delete registrations or manually verify)
    • Character search
    • Character profile (with all basic character information)
    • Configurations (100% of website configurations via admincp)
    • Module manager
    • Language manager
    • Cron job manager
    • Character editor
    • Item mailing

    - PHP 7.2 or higher
    - Apache mod_rewrite
    - mongodb php extension
    - pdo sqlite php extension
    - openssl php extension
    - curl php extension
    - json php extension
    - mbstring php extension

    How to Install:
    - Upload the files provided in the ZIP
    - Configure your MongoDB connection in "/includes/config.php"

    How to Enter the Admin Panel:
    - Any account with Access Level 4 in MongoDB will have access to the admin's panel
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    Re: [Release] DesertCore CMS 1.2.0 open-source

    Thanks for the share Lautaro, generous of you. I hope your health will pick up again.

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    Re: [Release] DesertCore CMS 1.2.0 open-source

    Russian language for this engine. My authorship.
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    Re: [Release] DesertCore CMS 1.2.0 open-source

    Thank you Lautaro. I've added your latest release to the ODO main Repo. I hope you'll be fine again. Nobody will ever forget your contribution :).