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    Re: Commands list

    Commands list
    Quote Originally Posted by ucaff View Post
    what npc are you missing...
    this one npc i lost for quest

    ID: 40029/1

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    Re: Commands list

    anyone how to finish Tiny nose quest? because i cant see the Tiny Nose NPC

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    Re: Commands list

    Quote Originally Posted by pangs10 View Post
    anyone how to finish Tiny nose quest? because i cant see the Tiny Nose NPC

    How to fix npc "Tiny Nose" missing in cave

    Here my tutorial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqonis View Post
    Tungrad Bell not working on 491?
    Game is crashing need to remove it trough database ...
    If im not sure, 491 doesnt have tungrad belt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqonis View Post
    Hello guys I have a quick question I put too much silver and move slow now :D
    how to clear the whole silver or some silver?
    is there any command or where I can change it in the Database cause i cant find anything about Silver

    There is no way to clear the entire inventory, but you can edit the weight of the silver and remove it, since in current versions the silver has no weight

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    Quote Originally Posted by iononline View Post
    how to reset speed?

    The speed command works like this:.pc gmspeed 45You added 45 speed, so when you want to slow down you will use the same command just by changing it to 0, right? Wrong.You use 45, to decrease the normal speed, tend to use -45

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    Quote Originally Posted by suhyuntk View Post
    add more /tp town ID
    603 - gahaz
    607 - desert naga
    622 - crescent
    623 - desert fogan
    691 - pilaku jail
    More updates towns ids and nodes and sea for remastered version
    @hack2u you will want this

    552: Ancient Ruins of Hasra
    553: Medieval castle
    554: Omar Lava Cave
    555: Roofing Mine, Rohmu District
    556: Waste iron mine
    883: Harak’s Shelter
    711: Manshaum Forest Path
    713: Mirumok Ruins Entrance
    729: Tooth Fairy Forest
    746: Loopy Tree Forest
    727: Archer Guard Post
    752: Western Valtarra Mountains
    753: Ash Forest
    971: Stars Ends
    735: Grána
    873: Duvencrune
    88: Olvia
    605: Gran Bazar of Sand
    601: Shakatu
    229: Valencia City
    875: Sherekhan Necropolis
    723: Manshaum Forest Path
    740: Gyfin Rhasia Temple
    877: Garmoth Nest
    687: Abandoned boat shakatu
    686: Vulcan Givnya
    685: Island Derko
    683: Sentinel Rock
    682: Ancado Coast
    690: Roud Sulfur Mine
    691: Pila Ku Jail
    692: Areha palm forest
    693: Arehaza Town
    694: Muiquun Town
    696: Cantusa Desert (Middle Desert)
    698: Nothern Sand Dune
    702: Kamsylvia Vicinity
    703: Lemoria Guard Post
    704: Cadili Forest
    705: Atanis Pond
    706: Old Wisdom Tree
    517: Anti Troll Fortification
    518: Quint Hill
    120: Port Epheria
    708: Navarn Steppe
    710: Central Lemoria Camp
    711: Manshaum Forest
    821: Port Ratt
    822: Margoria Sea (Middle)
    948: Protty Cavern
    948: Weita Island
    948: Racid Island

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    Re: Commands list

    I'm trying to use the commands but nothing works, I'm inputting them in the chat
    /pc announce test
    but in the chat appears as if I spoke to someone: "pc announce test" in white letters

    I did raise my lvl access in the mongodb to "4" and restarted the game

    EDIT: not even "/help" works, tried also "/server version" but nothing happens
    EDIT2: my problem was use a "/" instead of "." that fixed me the problem
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