Uff, now all works fine! After i almost burned out my brain in searching for extra-crispy solutions... the solution was easy as heaven...lol
Ahem, i simply deleted all the documents in the db and started again the script and vuallà! All works fine now!

ps: of course you all know and knew the procedure for the script but out there it may be plenty (i think...) of noobs like my so i post the correct procedure for fix the "closed server" iusse:

1) run all servers in a fresh install
2) create a fake account by assigning a new number in the id value of the login\account document with the robo 3t program
(leave both accounts!)
3) set the number of the id you assigned to the number id of the script
4) run the python script
5) run the black64.bat (or black32.bat) batch file

this way all should be fine.

ps: every time you mess wrong with the database you must restat with a "fresh install" otherwise the serveer wil be closed... ^^
To do this simply delete all documents in the db with the robo 3t program. See you!