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    idea RAM for BDO EMU

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    How much RAM do you need to run the server with "DisableRegionDataLoad = false"?
    My 8 GB was not enough without the included game client. Windows uses 1gb only.
    And periodically loads the CPU by 99% with "-Xms1G" "-Xmx8192m". Help please!

    Intel Core i5 6400 2.7GHz, DDR4 8Gb, ASRock B150A-X1
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    Re: RAM for BDO EMU

    It needs a better cpu cuz dual core definitely not gonna work
    Also 16 GB is good for first 50 slots i believe unless you worked on fixing
    overlaps and memory leaks in src.

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    Re: RAM for BDO EMU

    Ok so as @NourAyman said the minimal recommended is 16 GB, however:

    I have a W2016, 8Core, 16GB ram server. I loaded with FALSE settings, and it loads up the server with default 10-11 GB in baseline. (And no one is connected to it it is just the base memory usage with no user.) My guess is that is that first ~10-30 approx people who connects will suffice with 14 gb ~ but if you want more people, the ram is increases XD so if i calculate well, it is approx. ~128-200 MB per slot/user(Just a circa value it is NOT exact, plus the maps/places what will be loaded on the fly...) I also tryed with 4 core CPU, ad it is SLOW. i do not recommend it... :\

    (Hell, i would never thought in my life that STO and NWO servers would look like that they have small system requirements, but here we gooo... XD this is a monster.... :D almost like perfect world sys req. :D What on earth sys specs. they run the original servers on? :D)
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