[Tutorial] How to enable Daily Dash on Blade & Soul

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    [Tutorial] How to enable Daily Dash on Blade & Soul

    [Tutorial] How to enable Daily Dash on Blade & Soul
    This is only if you daily dash is not working when your finish to setup your server the first time.

    Img for reference.

    You'll encounter that when you click on the menu "Daily Dash" in-game nothing happens, this happens because the effective date of the daily dash is lower than the current date or is suspended. Anyway, this can be enabled easily following this few steps

    Open your database manager of your preference and then execute this scripts

    UPDATE [PromotionStampDb].[dbo].[RewardPolicies]
    SET EffectiveTo = DATEADD(month,1,GETDATE())
    WHERE PromotionId = 15;

    UPDATE [PromotionStampDb].[dbo].[Promotions]
    SET EffectiveTo = DATEADD(month,1,GETDATE()),
    DisplayEffectiveUntil = DATEADD(month,1,GETDATE()),
    IsSuspended = 0
    WHERE PromotionId = 15;

    You can set your reward item in RewardPolicies table, column RewardTargetKey

    The RewardTargetKey item is the GoodsId from Goods table in GoodsDb

    There's no need to restart you server, just goto App_State (, restart PromotionStampSrv and then relog

    Credits: Thanks to the guy who posted this some time ago in the BNS Development Server, i just adding the imgs.

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    Re: [Tutorial] How to enable Daily Dash on Blade & Soul

    How to add item icons?