What to think about before starting a community/Private server

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    note What to think about before starting a community/Private server

    Things to think about before starting a private server and/or a community!

    1. Budget
    - Starting a server or a community is always going to cost in the end. If you host your server from home, then you can not guarantee 100% uptime. Getting a VPS or game server (host) of some kind, this will guarantee 99.9% uptime, with minimal lag, depending on the server specs.

    2. Hosting
    - Pricing: A host can cost between $2-$300+ depending on the server. Make sure you find a good yet affordable host. Keep in mind, you're going to have to be able to pay for this monthly or annualy.
    - Location: Make sure you select a location where your audience will have at least pretty good connection. For example: If your members live in american, and you host your server in Russia, your members will then be expericing lag and such which will not be very satisfying for your members.
    Recommendation! Put your host in the middle of europe. This will give an average connection for everyone. Americans, Europeans and Russians! Some may experience more lag than others, but that would most probably be the players internet connection at home, not your servers.

    3. Audience
    - What people do you want to come to your private server? Do you want serious gamers? Players that stay for a long time? Maybe you just want a lot of players, but that doesn't stay for very long? Of course everyone wants to have players that stay long term. Now that is tricky. Once you've found people that are willing to play on your server, you'll need to keep them entertained and satisfied. Some players only stay if they find something to keep them satisfied during their time there. Other players stay to help out, to bring your server higher. Now these kinds of people are rare. I've ran a ton of servers, and only met a couple of people who are willing to help out, free of charge. But do not mistaken! They will also need some kind of satisfaction to keep them staying. Mostly just seeing your community do progress will keep them staying and helping.

    4. Website
    - Location for people to find out more about your server, your community. Having a website is always fun and cool to have. But they are indeed tricky to manage sometimes. If you run a server where people will need to register to play on your server, then you'd definetly need a website. Create a website that looks interesting, has fun features and things to entertain them. Having a website can also help you advertise your community. Getting a website will be pricy though. A webhost can cost between 5-50+ dollars per month. That does not include the domain that will cost on average around 10 dollars per year (namecheap.com, godaddy.com). You'll need to learn the basic of coding too to setup your website. Unless you hire or find someone who are willing to setup your website for you. Remember, some website designs can cost up to thousands of dollar if you want it custom designed.

    5. Forum
    - A place for your members to connect and get information. Getting a forum is often FREE and EASY to setup. There are a ton of free forum softwares that are free. SMF (Simple Machine Forum), MyBB, etc. But there are also premium forum softwares that can cost hundereds of dollars. Remember to keep your forum free of bots. These bots will spam your forum with ads and such that will only annoy you and your members. So get bot protection!!

    6. Advertisement
    - How are going to advertise your server/community? Is it going to cost? Advertising ones community/server is always pretty difficult. Getting the right audience, make your message fun and interesting. There are multiple ways to advertise your community. You can make YouTube videos, or get other people to make YouTube videos for you. Use facebook! Facebook has an advertisement option where you can make tons of people see your advertisement directly from their homepage on facebook. This option costs money though. You can also use your current members to help you advertise for you. They can tell their friends, and then their friends might get theirs, so eventually you'll have a ton of members, that will keep helping you advertise. One way too to advertise is to let your members vote for "top [GAME] private servers" and that will eventually bring you higher up on the list, which means more members!

    I could have added several other points with information, but I believe this is all the basic information you'd need to get started!

    I hope this information will help you start get started with your own server and/or community!

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    Re: What to think about before starting a community/Private server

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