Changing Skill Levels through GM commands?

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    Changing Skill Levels through GM commands?

    I've done some looking around as well as some messing around, not to mention I did use the search and it didn't turn up anything useful...

    Is it possible to change the actual skill levels through GM commands? IE: Like how Blacksmithing is say, at 10/75, is there a command that would let you adjust it?

    And I may as well add this here rather then make two diffrent topics, is there a command that lets you adjust your reputations?

    Thanks in advance!

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    skill=44 300 300 // Axes
    skill=172 300 300 // Two-Handed Axes
    skill=54 300 300 // Maces
    skill=160 20 300 // Two-Handed Maces
    skill=136 300 300 // Staves
    skill=43 300 300 // Swords
    skill=55 300 300 // Two-Handed Swords
    skill=173 300 300 // Daggers
    skill=46 300 300 // Guns
    skill=45 300 300 // Bows
    skill=228 300 300 // Wands
    spell=20558 300 300 // Throwing Specialization
    skill=176 300 300 // Thrown
    skill=95 300 300 // Defense
    skill=162 300 300 // Unarmed

    .learn <skill id> - to learn the skill in the first place without seeing a trainer.

    spell=196 // Axes
    spell=197 //Two-Handed Axes
    spell=198 // Maces
    spell=199 // Two-Handed Maces
    spell=200 //PoleArms
    spell=266 // Guns
    spell=7918 // Shoot Gun
    spell=2480 // Shoot Bow
    spell=201 // Swords
    spell=5009 // Wands
    spell=5019 // Shoot
    spell=202 // Two-Handed Swords
    spell=203 // Unarmed
    spell=2567 // Thrown

    Trades: many of these may not work on your server.
    .learn <skill id>

    spell=20593 // Engineering Specialization
    spell=2018 // Blacksmithing
    spell=12180 // Tailoring
    spell=12560 // Mining
    spell=2108 // Leatherworking Apprentice
    spell=2259 // Apprentice alchemist
    spell=2366 // Apprentice herbalism
    spell=1809 // Lockpicking Apprentice
    spell=8613 // Skinning Apprentice
    spell=2550 // Cooking Apprentice
    spell=7620 // Fishing Apprentice
    spell=3273 // First Aid Apprentice

    spell=9078 // Cloth
    skill=415 1 1 // Cloth
    spell=9077 // Leather
    skill=414 1 1 // Leather
    spell=8737 // Mail
    skill=413 1 1 // Mail
    spell=750 // Plate Mail - Level 40
    skill=293 1 1 // Plate Mail - Level 40
    spell=9116 // Shield
    skill=433 1 1 // Shield

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    just type: .learnall

    Its the best way to learn all skills

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    Thanks for the help! But as handy as those posts are, my main question does remain unanswered. Is there any way to actually adjust thel itself of a skill, namely, Tradeskills?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't realize just what the .learnsk command was really for, sorry. XD

    'though I'm still curious about my other question, is it actually possible to change your reputation via GM commands?

    EDIT 2: And another question because I can, is there a way to remove money from a player?

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    Re: Changing Skill Levels through GM commands?

    lol sorry for bringing up this old post but i had to add my comment to the post above
    "EDIT 2: And another question because I can, is there a way to remove money from a player?"
    Just go beat them up and take it ^^

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    Re: Changing Skill Levels through GM commands?

    type .money -99999

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    Re: Changing Skill Levels through GM commands?

    There are no commands to raise reputation however there is away to do it. Using an editor like notepad++ you can open worldserver.config file scroll down to where it says rate of reputation gain =1 and change it to 500. Save and restart worldserver, go to any faction and complete 1 quest (this does not work with netherdrake quest chain you still need to do the first stage of the quest chain) and it will instantly make you exalted with that faction. I have tested this with most factions rep in trinity/storm/ect core.

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    Re: Changing Skill Levels through GM commands?

    You may always use the "lookup" command in an appropriate syntax similar to something like this

    lookup skill axe

    or lookup item copper

    Then it will list all Axe-related skills with their ID or similar

    You can always go to the wowhead site and find all items/stuff which work under the patch that you find reasonable enough to use...

    Mess around with the commands, that's how you will learn a thing or two. You can always list stuff like

    - - - - - -
    The above-post mentiones that there's no way to increase reputation, although you can do that if you know the ID of the each faction or similar.
    Particularly useful for having access to wearing certain items. Same thing with the honor system.
    It will, however, give you an achievement that people can see, but you can edit the achievement out by disabling it.

    In MANGOS any command is possible. I like to morph myself into the LIch King sometimes, or just a floating sword... After the server is reseted, it returns to normal look :)

    Always use things like

    "help modify" this and that... it will explain what it does. Like for reputation system, help modify rep
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