MAC OS X Repack Request - Please read/help

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    ! MAC OS X Repack Request - Please read/help

    Hi all,

    Before I get flamed for asking for an OSX repack, please understand that while I acquire parts for my alienware and rebuild it, all I have currently is my MacBook from like 2010 with Lion 10.7.5 on it.

    I have looked far and wide on the internet at every site I can find for a properly working repack or compiler or anything to get a little 1.12.1 vanilla server (or anything else at this point) to work on my computer for nostalgic and testing purposes.

    I have tried to find an old file of MangosX from back in '08/'09 with no luck.

    I have tried ArcemuX with no luck because jeremy meile shut his website down and there is no database source if I even get the app.

    I have tried compiling with CMangos tutorial on their wiki, and I can't get the C++11 compiler to work, I just get ridiculous error messages. (I am pretty computer savvy and terminal commands are not a big deal. It just does not work no matter how many times I try following their explicit instructions.)

    I have tried to get parallels and/or boot camp to work. Not going to happen since the HD is 80GB and I need a lot more space. Trust me I've deleted so much off my laptop to try these things and it just isn't happening.

    So, TLDR: Please link me an upload or send me over a repack 1.12.1+ server that runs natively on Mac OSX 10.7 or anything else. I'll downgrade if I have to, but my 32bit Intel does not work with 10.8 or higher. Nothing fancy, can just be a basic blizzlike server. I used to work with Project Silvermoon back in the day and made the custom databases so I know what I'm doing, I just need somewhere to start.

    Thank you thank you thank you. Anything helps. If you have a working MaNGOSX repack with the old .app from like 2008/2009 you are my favorite person in the world.

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