[2Moons] Classic 2moons Action 6 Genuine files private server

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    [2Moons] Classic 2moons Action 6 Genuine files private server

    Classic 2moons (Dekaron Action 6) Private Server

    Sick and tired of pay2win in Global Dekaron? Sick and tired of overpowered accessories and 1-2-3-4-5 mindless luck based PvP? Sick and tired of bad upgrade rates and having to upgrade EVERYTHING including accessories, belts, and armlets?
    Well then there is a server for you!!
    For the people who enjoyed the old classic version of 2moons minus the pay2win element and bad decisions made during the acclaim/gamehi days, and the new systems after Action 6.
    https://prime-dekaron.com/action6.php - INSTALLATION GUIDE AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE
    A short introduction the combat of 2moons/Classic Dekaron:
    General Trailer:
    How PvP looks like (From old Actions, to give an idea on Classic's combat)
    Dekaron Prime Action 6 TRAILER (To get the feel of how the game looks like as hosted by Dekaron Prime): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=912dR2W914c
    Discord for questions and more information: https://discord.gg/6rDGVcd
    The Combat is based on Targetted and dodge-able non-Targetted skills where there is a mix of sustain and burst in PvP, unlike Black Desert where it is one stun = dead or bad decisions and patches to make up for the bad balancing, 2moons/Dekaron Action 6 [Prime Dekaron] gives you a fighting chance vs. players due to the non-pay2win nature of the server and how well designed 2moons PvP is compared to a couple of modern day MMOs.
    For new players who want to try 2moons when it was a great game and veteran players who need their memory jogged, here is a general Dekaron Prime Action 6 Game Guide
    https://i.gyazo.com/d107475d45f05e11...a33dabadbf.png - Level Up + Teleport/Transportation Guide (Keep in mind that Heiharp is not a leveling spot anymore, Heiharp is the new map for farming rank points and purchase points, and the mobs hit for 2,000 damage on a full +7 level 150 heal build character)
    https://i.gyazo.com/11455daf11a61660...e05c8de5b5.png - Wings and Transformation Guide
    https://i.gyazo.com/dccc1f8a4f6805e9...b4a219d14d.png - Where to farm specific items
    https://i.gyazo.com/ecd6e752ceeb806a...ba53fcecac.jpg - Purchase Points, DK Square Points, Rank Points Shop.
    https://i.gyazo.com/016fba76d5b79457...0e6ab89c20.png - Beginner Tips
    Important NPC Locations of Main City Loa Castle:
    Action 5 skill/stat calculator: http://dekaron.bakufu.org/e/ (Couldn't find an A6 one, though it's not bad messing up with A6 skills tbh)
    Dekaron Prime Action 6 Server Rates and Info:

    • +7 50% chance no tali
    • +8 30% chance no tali
    • +9 15% chance for weapon 20% chance for armor no tali
      • If you do want to donate and buy 18% talismans, Dekaron Prime 18% talismans are worth $0.7 EACH ($7 = 10 talismans).
      • +9 is MAX argate level, not +10.

    • 1 day level 131 doing quests (Around 2 hours if you do it right)
    • Skill Resets and Stat Resets only cost around 4000 PPoints and 2000 PPoints respectively. You can now experiment with builds if more often! (10,000 PPoints = 5 E-coins, 1 E-coin = 1 stat regenerator 2 E-coin = 1 master mistake)
    • Small chance of E-coins dropping in Heiharp.
    • You can now farm PPoints in Heiharp (50 points per mob solo, 23 points per mob with 4 people, 20 points per mob full party). Be warned, you have to be at least 140 with trans up to be effective here in the new HH.
      • The Mobs hit harder like around 2,000 damage on a full 7 geared 150 characater
      • No Ranged Mobs so you pull easy
      • But there is a high chance that will get PK'd here for a spot

    • 1 hour of farming = at least 100 argates and 10m in Space, maybe even more depending on skill level, class, and gear
    • Dual Client = legal, can progress by yourself if your friends are working or sleeping!!
    • PPoint shop implemented, 200,000 Purchase Points (Points made from DK square/PvP Arena) = 1 Spell Plume (50 all stat earring). Can make 5000 PPoints every 30 minutes at peak hours.
      • DK Square is now at a 15 min duration. You won't have to feel like you're stuck in a game for 30 mins when you do DK square here!
      • Be warned, if you farm with an alt in DK square, you CAN GET BANNED. Do not abuse DK Square, it is meant for PvPing other genuine players. You want to farm with alts, go to Heiharp.

    • PPoint shop includes many more end-game gems and accessories (Such as Daes Arie, Seal of Destruction, 6% gems) just for participating in PVP Arena!!
    • Unlike Action 16-19, Action 6 actually requires you to dodge and punish in PvP. These "new 170 skills" from A16-19 make each and every class a 1-2-3-4-5 button targetted skill spamming class and praying on whether you block/guard or crit.
    • 100% WORKING AK Blow Effect (Stops healing for 2-3 seconds) and Aloken + Aloken self/party buffs, only server that was able to make a genuine Action 6 client!!
    • No new broken classes such as Half-Bagi, Dragon Knight, Concearra Summoner, Segreaper, and Black Wizard. Aloken is the final class along with the 6 original classes: Azure Knight, Vicious Summoner, Bagi Warrior, Segita Hunter, Incar Magician, Segnale. Only 7 classes total.
    • Aloken is not overpowered in Prime Dekaron!! Decrease damage is not 70% damage reduction but rather around 33%!!! Not an anti-fun class in this server and can have more adjustments to be actually balanced (since devs are actually open to feedback). Therefore it's actually not a complete disadvantage when one party has an Aloken and one does not.
    • Deadfront every 4 hours (Instanced Dungeon/Raid where you can get a lot of EXP depending on how well you do), Can get 100 vouchers per hour in the 130 map,
    • Only one channel, hackers get banned quickly
    • 145 is the maximum weapon, 130 set is the maximum armor (Ozer, Le Cruz, Angelique, etc), and +9 is the maximum upgrade/argate limit
    • Don't need to upgrade accessories/Accessories not upgrade/argate-able!! Don't need to upgrade accessories like in Black Desert or in A17
    • Argates drop like candy, almost 7 argates per 10 mobs in 131+ map (Space) so argates are cheap, you can farm in Python for example (which doesn't drop many argates but drops dils and 5% gems) and buy them cheap from somebody who does farm space (i.e 20 coppers = 500k, 10 silvers = 500k, 5 golds = 500k, yes they have sold for this low)
      • Akris in Python Castle drops argates now so you can pretty much farm argates on any map above level 85 (Python Castle and up)

    • Argates converter NPC next to Pablos (Basically means you don't have to wait for somebody to get gold argates or silver argates when you run of golds and silvers. You can just turn your coppers into golds or silvers and vice versa)
    • Deadlands drops 20 145 weapons every 30 minutes
    • 140 dungeon can be done with 4-people and is nerfed to the ground. Spell Plumes, Noble Souls, Seal of Destruction very easy to get!
    • Heal gives defense AND hp, and defense is calculated as it's flat amount (Meaning 2000 defense means 2000 damage reduced). Not like the percentage based league of legends like formula since Action 7 and further
    • Devs are very open to feedback! And are actually decent at coding/technical work (Actually was able to create a genuinely working Action 6 server)

    Great community too!! Come play 2moons/Dekaron and experience it when it was actually a great game!!
    Installation Guide:
    1.) Make a New Folder (In the C Drive or My Documents, name it in a way that's easy to locate)
    2.) Put that SAME Folder in Exclusions from anti-virus so it does not delete any files extracted from Classic zip (https://media.discordapp.net/attachm...fd047870d9.png basically in your exclusions, CHECK the Classic folder or the folder where you will install Dekaron Prime Action 6)
    3.) Download Classic zip file from Prime Dekaron ACTION 6 website
    4.) Extract it on the Folder that is excluded from anti-virus (OR temporarily turn off anti-virus before you run it and put the folder in exception. Problems may arise because dekaron.exe is deleted in bin by the anti-virus)
    5.) Run Dekaron Launcher as admin (Right click > Properties > Check Run As Administrator)
    P.S ALWAYS make sure that this dekaron application [white box icon named dekaron] (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachmen...1ff90b1f42.png) is in the bin folder before you run the game!! You can find it in the Classic zip's bin folder and reinstall it if the anti-virus keeps deleting it. If everything else fails, come to discord and ask for help.
    6.) Have fun! See you in-game!
    System Requirements: CMONNN it's 2018 XD
    But for the people who need the info: https://i.gyazo.com/a3b394d82982057e...52d991cb3f.png

    Server Location: France

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    Re: Classic 2moons Action 6 Genuine files private server

    Hello. Please add the location/country of your server's host and at least one in-game screenshot of an admin character saying 'Hello RaGEZONE'. You have 24 hours, thanks.

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    Re: [2Moons] Classic 2moons Action 6 Genuine files private server


    Server Location: France

    Screenshot: https://media.discordapp.net/attachm...901&height=676

    Question: What would happen if I can't get a screenshot of an Admin saying "Hello RaGEZONE" in the screenshot of this server in-game within the deadline? Would it be possible to extend the deadline or will my thread simply be deleted?
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    Re: [2Moons] Classic 2moons Action 6 Genuine files private server

    Will be updating this thread instead of the one in reddit. The reason being is that r/mmorpg reddit does not like people making hard advertisements, but RaGEZONE does <3

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    Re: [2Moons] Classic 2moons Action 6 Genuine files private server


    Reason for the changes: Basically we needed a way to make it so that you don't have to wait for your friends to wake up and do deadfront to gain exp. You can farm broken slates from Warlords (Hardest mobs in the game) or Heiharp and turn them in so you can level up! Beware of PKers though.

    There were way too many coppers and argates dropping so we needed a way to exchange them for 145 weapons and 130s so that they finally have some market value.

    Aloken needed to be strong by itself, without being OP and game changing in massive PK.
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    information Re: [2Moons] Classic 2moons Action 6 Genuine files private server

    This server is hungry for money do not play look at the post already asking for money

    If you not give a $$$$ YOU NOT ARE NOTHING!

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    Re: [2Moons] Classic 2moons Action 6 Genuine files private server

    There will be an upcoming revamp for the A6 server, please stay tuned. Everybody will start from level 1 again. But this time, with better technology, principles from other great games, and possibly more professional in terms of development

    P.S Regardless of what other people say, A6 Prime will be the least pay2win dekaron server out there with the upcoming revamp
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    Re: [2Moons] Classic 2moons Action 6 Genuine files private server

    The staff has moved on to this server


    Please check it out, similar rates, similar leveling, and most of all it is Action 6

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    Re: [2Moons] Classic 2moons Action 6 Genuine files private server

    Same Owner he open 2 DK Same Version