Mystic-Pirates Online will officially open(27.11.2020)

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    Mystic-Pirates Online will officially open(27.11.2020)

    Mystic-Pirates Online will officially open(27.11.2020)

    Welcome to Mystic Pirates Online!
    Our server is about to get opened at 27.11.2020! You have to know that we've put hard work into this server for months to make it balanced. It doesn't matter if you are going to use the mall or not, because either way, you will be able to have any essential item. So basically, you can be pro without investing a single dollar, which is good news for all players! We've played many servers before that the mall makes changes. But in our server, the mall is not a game changer and that was our main goal. To make all players equal and make everything depend on their work. You will enjoy a lot of new features that you haven't seen before because this game version has many new features. The server difficulty is medium. Join now and invite your friends! The fun will be 100% guaranteed. Let's enjoy this journey together! Don't miss to join this event because the reward is 1000 IGS CRYSTALS that you can have as soon as the server is opened.

    Mystic Pirates Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based in the historic "Tales of Pirates". Our server counts with numberless new content and customized game-play intended to make your experience even better.
    [CENTER]Server Rates: - Medium to Hard (Classical Gameplay + Unique Features)
    - Solo Experience: 3X
    - Team Experience: 5.5X (+ 1.25% Each Members)
    - Drop Rate: 2X
    - Fairy Experience: 50X
    -Ship Experience : 5x
    Available Maps:
    - Ascaron Region (Argent)
    - Magic Sea Region (Shaitan)
    - Dark Blue Region (Icicle)
    - Forsaken City 1F - 3F
    - Dark Swamp 1F - 3F
    - Demonic World 1F - 2F
    - Chaos Argent
    - Bounty Hunter
    -Dream Island
    -Farming Map
    Gems: (All gem levels are limited to level 4)
    - Normal Gems
    - Broken Gems(Forged Rings,Neck)
    - Cracked Gems
    - Chipped Gems
    - Unique Gems
    - Black Dragon Gems
    - Story Quests + Admiral Cloak as reward!
    - Language Barrier Quest

    - Anti Dupe
    -AntiDOSS Protection
    - Anti WPE & RPE
    - Fixed & Patched Known Exploits
    - Hourly Database Backup
    - Original Password Encryption
    - Unseals (+ boots & gloves)
    -Newbie Teleporter
    - Class Changer NPC
    - Vip Apparel NPC
    -VIp Wing Npc
    -Vip effects with stats
    -Hat with stats for lv 45,55,65
    -BD set Exchnanger
    - Guild Leveling System
    - Guild Sats,Quest
    - Chance to earn Mall Crystals when killing monsters
    - Unseals lv 45 <> 55 At npc for free!
    -Upgrader Exchanger for lv 45,55 sets,weapons
    -Dual Swords NPC lv 45,55
    - Reputation NPC
    - Kall Exchanger
    - Fairy Npc
    - Ticket Npc (Grocery Argent)
    -Great Fruit Exchanger
    -Free Apparels >>And many More

    Custom Futures:
    -Sea Bosses For UG voucher
    -Salvage for Refining gem
    -NSS-Chance for UG
    -Mini Money Bosses: Coords: 1975,2568 -15k 1587,2925 -50k 834,2907 - 100k Bosses Spawn every 2Hr
    -Mud Cleaner Chance for Refining Gem
    -Fairy Coin chest
    Custom Items:
    -Mystic Card
    -Mystic Token-Great Fruit Stone-Apparel Card-Hard Work Card-Vip Effect Card-Accessory Token-And manny moreMoney Guide:
    -Land Fishing
    -Map Winners BH,Ca

    Sea Futures:
    Bayside Wreckage Sunken Ship - Learn Salvage Skill and go at the Treasure Gulf to salvage Beyside Wreckages guarded by Deathsoul Gunboats! The chance for getting Refining Gems is high!Sea Boss: Prehistoric Giant Octopus - Kill it and it would drop UG voucher 100%.

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