[New School]✘ IMMORTALS2-Rise of the Legends ✘

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    cool [New School]✘ IMMORTALS2-Rise of the Legends ✘

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    Hello Everyone
    Here we announce our reloaded Immortals2 metin2 server to live again after 6 months of waiting..
    Server was opened on date of 20/06/2016.
    Vote for server to get 50 coins per vote so total you can get 250 coins per day..

    Multi Language International server! PvM - PvP.(New School)
    Max: Level: 250
    In-Graphics Update
    * New and Best Login Interface with stunning graphics and auto safe using function keys
    * Ingame interface Included features such as Multi Language system, Inventory bag,switch bot.

    New Website
    * New update of website with several options and good optimization.
    * Webpage opens up faster than before.
    * Special features for forgot password
    * Ease accessible

    New Systems
    * Multi Language system : English , German, Romanian, Portugese , Italy, Turkey
    * Calendar System knowing everyday's event
    * Title System with free titles for players
    * Achievement system (under progress)
    * Weapon Costume system
    * Brutality System (from old im2 Modified)

    New stuffs :
    * Upgradeable Body costumes with Special effects
    * Mount training so you can have longer duration mounts
    * Pet Leveling system and also New duration pets like parrots, bats, etc.

    New Events :
    * Last Man Standing Event (Different event Not seen in any servers)
    * PVP Tournament with betting system
    * Nation war And Siege war
    * Razador Run and Nemere run is working
    * Boss Event and everday special events

    Bugs Solved :
    Most of bugs are solved nearly 95% bugs solved

    Professional Staff -> for any problems please contact the support!
    BACKUP 1/h to dont have any problem about hackers!
    The Server have 99% fixed bugs-> if you find another please let us know at support!
    We hope to like our server!
    The staff team will take care of any, anytime.
    Let your friends know about our Server!
    Prices from Item-Shop are for every pocket!
    Special Event like 1000% EXP or ITEM drop or GOLD drop every day !!!!
    what else we got ?
    Check out this presentation


    Video with New Updates - dt.02/04/2017

    Immortals2 Game Play


    Immortals2 Team

    Ingame Screenshots
    1)Screenshot by Lightshot
    Thanks for reading Hope you log in www.immortals2.com
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    Re: [New School]✘ IMMORTALS2-Rise of the Legends ✘

    Impressive presentation, however you are still required to post full scale, in-game screenshots. You have 24 hours to do it.