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    happy [Silkroad]DemonRoad lv140cap, lv140 balanced skills

    • Exp Rate: 300x
    • Party Exp Rate: 350x
    • Job Rate: 50x
    • Gold Exp Rate: 80x
    • Drop rate: 80x

    • Level cap: 140
    • Skill cap: 140
    • Gear cap: 14dg
    • Weapon cap: 14dg
    • Race: CH and EU
    • Autopot: yes
    • Free Silk: Yes

    Website: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Forum: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Dedicated 24/7, high rate server, bug free with CTF, Battle Arena and Fortress War. Nice and friendly GM's and many events.
    Both Honor system, guild logo and skill max labels are working! Silk items can be traded! We are flexible with requests.

    • unique hunting for great rewards and title names
    • 14 custom uniques
    • you can buy avatars, pets, santa set, flags at NPC for gold!
    • arabian mobs
    • 14D weapons (15d from item mall, 16d premium coupon weapons with awesome looking)
    • unique summon scrolls
    • premium alchemy

    Start items:
    • damage increase/absorption scrolls
    • reverse pack
    • 10 speed scrolls
    • potions
    • 50k sp at the start
    • 1 million gold

    Item stack limit:
    • potion: 300
    • arrow/bolt: 5000
    • stone,tablet
    • elixir: 50

    Website feature:
    • built-in email support
    • guild/job/skills/mastery/stat point reset
    • vote for silk

    Jupiter and Arabian mobs

    New fellow pets

    Premium alchemy

    Lv140 skills

    Silk items for gold

    Special avatar accessories

    Custom glows

    New uniques:

    Forgotten World Update

    Death Bone event unique with premium drops

    Job titles

    Constantinople fortress: (Samarkand NPC's are going to be taxable also)

    Chinese skill balancing

    You can now request us to reset your skills and weapon masteries / stat poinbts by exchanging this weapon coupon to the GM's.
    After the cleaning, your masteries will be 0 and all of your skills will be deleted. Warning: This action can not be undone, and we do not give you any extra skill points!

    New weapons (grade B)

    Holy Water Temple update

    New avatars

    The GM Team

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    Re: [Silkroad]DemonRoad lv140cap, lv140 balanced skills

    Last update:

    -Detailed list about rare items
    -New grab pets in item mall (3) and DemonRoad npc (1)
    -New event uniques
    -New quests
    -Holy Water Temple entry number has been set from 3 to 4
    -Egyptian accessorry defense values have been fixed
    -[Old] Chinese skills balanced (Details: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] )

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    Re: [Silkroad]DemonRoad lv140cap, lv140 balanced skills

    Latest Update

    -New Arabian grab pets in item mall
    -NPC gold
    -New titles for coupon (over 150)
    -New glow colors from +21 to +24
    -Bigger spark effects on weapons above +21
    -Event bears/pumpkins/snow slaves can drop rocket with low chance




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