[SRO] Volcano Online | 110 Cap | EU&CH| New System |Item Egy A + Egy B = EGY C

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    shout [SRO] Volcano Online | 110 Cap | EU&CH| New System |Item Egy A + Egy B = EGY C

    Welcome..Volcano Sro....
    Hello everyone, we would like to inform you that a new game has just been launched and we invite you to join us for a lot of fun and fun.
    There are always new innovations and new ideas, and await your ideas for permanent development and lasting pleasure.
    We want to inform you that it is not like other games that close quickly.
    There is a continuation of a long period of time and we hope that you will cooperate with us for permanent development. We accept all proposals and take into consideration.
    Let's get to know the server Volcano Sro.


    The voting system against silk has Opposite implemented
    2 silk account Each 24 hour

    Alchemy rates 1.5%


    Item moon


    Avatar Old and New

    New Grab Pet and Pet Attack

    Pet trader silk coin

    System lvl up Reward lvl 110
    Box reward item and weapon and acc all Nova +5



    •EGY C•

    Style Weapon Egy C

    System Item
    Item Egy A
    For FGW Weapon in Qusta
    Item in Mops FGW and Npc Jop for Coin in Unique Tempel

    Item Egy A

    About [Accessory] you can buy it from Arena Shop [Hotan Town] each part costs [1000 Arena Coins + 5 Million Gold + 100 Gold Coin] Egy A accessory better and need hard work to can farm Arena coins you should be very active and join the daily events by auto system & gm's event & Top Rank Unique & New Mops Arena.

    System item
    item Egy B
    Awaken System
    Overlord Coin in Unique
    Gaint Overlord
    Unique Jop
    item Egy B]

    System item
    New Item Egy C
    Screen Upgrade and Video

    Item Egy C

    Video Upgrade Item Egy C

    Unique Jop Coin

    Unique Str int

    Unique Old Str ANd Int

    Top Rank

    New Mops in New Area
    MOps Arena Coin

    New All System
    System Hero Server
    Reward 500 Silk and System Hero title name
    Roc Appeared in Rom in Teleport
    Shows once a week

    System Remove
    1 : Remove Godbless

    2: Remove Premium

    New System Help All Player
    Uses only 2
    HelpMe I Need Gold
    HelpMe I Need Skill points
    HelpMe I Need Reverse
    HelpMe I Need Return

    Blus Noitc +7

    Jop Reward Gold

    New Skill Chine

    All System Automatic
    Auto Event and Filter

    If you have any suggestion, please inform me here or on our Facebook page
    Game for fun and fun
    A little guide :-

    Q:Server currencies?
    A:Silk, Gold, Silver, Copper and Arena Coins.

    Q:How to get gold?
    A:By trading / picking and selling items./Trader Jop

    Q:How to get silk?
    A:Lvl 110 online players 1 silk / hour automatically

    Q:How to get Silver and Copper coins?
    A:Through holy water temple unique.

    Q:How to get Arena Coins?
    A:New Mops in (Teleport) and Top Rank Unique .

    Q: What are you giving Arena?
    A: Scroll Random Reward.

    Q:How to get Angel Spirit?
    A:Start Item 5% Free

    Q:Auto equip?
    A;Yes, till D9 in NPC for Gold.

    Q:How do I get nova??
    A:Drop from 101 ~ 110 monsters Rate 60% Easy and D 10 Sun .

    Q:Title system?
    A:Yes. System Hero And Scroll in NPC.

    Last but not least, we welcome you to Volcano Online, the true essence of Silkroad, we welcome your questions as we will reply as soon as we can.

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    Re: Volcano Online | 110 Cap | EU&CH| New System |Item Egy A + Egy B = EGY C

    Is botting is allowed here? If so, how to use and have botting? Also where is the link for your server?
    Please do help me donate for people who are homeless.

    Please do send your donations here

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    Re: Volcano Online | 110 Cap | EU&CH| New System |Item Egy A + Egy B = EGY C

    here site game

    News & Updates | Volcano Online