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    [Tales Of Pirates] One-Hit 3 - Launched on 20 August 2012!

    Welcome to One-Hit 3, Tales Of Pirates's most advanced private server! This is One-Hit's legacy, final outcome. Let me get you, player, up to date with the features that we provide for your enjoyment.
    Remember that this is the first resource package. And the second, third, forth package will be included while we progress. Don't go all out on me like "Jeez, they don't even have rebirth..".

    This is ment to be an almost 24/7 PK server so :

    Max Level - 100 (Free lvl 45/55/65)
    Max Pet Level - 51
    Exp Rate - 25x
    Team Exp Rate - 30x
    Drop Rate - 5x
    Pet Exp Rate - 7000x

    -New Dungeon System, called Dungeon Realm , It has different difficulties and you got to kill everything, advance to the next level in a certain amount of time and hope that you wont die!
    -New Bosses! Aren't you sick of thoose dumb bosses that just attack and use a skill? Well now we have a new innovated boss, that will go "Berserk Mode" after he reaches 25% HP and his whole stats will double. Fun isn't it?
    -Advanced Anti Dupe protection, no more dupers!
    -Old school equipment bossing! Farm your equips and gems with a good old style gameplay!
    -FC/DS oldschool type, also, now FC/DS characters will have where to farm, and like being only lv 45/55!
    -All apparels you've seen or you wished to see avaible in game.
    -New Mob Pet, helping character that'll follow, teleport when you are teleporting and attack anything that you consider your enemy!
    -Only one city where you can make friends and find anything you need!
    -Leveling to 100 is just a formality. We kept it because it's easier to make some relations with the people around you and you won't feel like rushed into the gameplay.
    Just get your ass to TM and in about 20-30 minutes you're lvl 100.
    -Tournament system. It's basically an automatic event hosted at 10AM and 10PM server time. The server will open the registration function in a NPC that will allow players to sign-up. When the spots are filled they will be teleported to a map where, while sealed for 15 seconds till they read the tutorial, they have to survive. The winner will be awarded with the right prizes.
    -Drops aren't your usual 100%. They are really well calculated so the efficiency of a map can succeed the other when it's not needed.
    Alot of PK and FUN basically!

    -Main city as One-Hit City.
    -FC/DS. Farm cracked/chipped chests by killing mobs, UG chests by killing mini-bosses and chests, azraels and super gems (shark & bing FC; feng & hit DS) by killing bosses. Remember that cracked/chipped chests can be exchanged for UG chests and the efficiency of farming it's like this : FC>DS
    -DW1-2. Farm Million Dollar Notes, normal gems, ref by killing mobs, farm UG chests and 10MDN by killing chests and by killing b1/b2 farm jades, azraels, kals, morphs, unsealing stones, 65 unseal.
    -DW3. Farm cracked/chipped chests by killing mobs, farm kals, morphs by killing chests and b3, farm jades, 75 sealed weapon and azraels by killing b3.
    -BD lair. Defeat Black Dragon to get yoursel an azrael, BD altar, BD gem, Soul Of Black Dragon.
    -CA. Same as always except for the drop rate.
    -Dungeon Realm. Defeat boss and get your usual boss drop and after you win the map you'll be awarded with 1x azrael chest, 1x super gem chest.
    -BH. Same drops as CA with the exception of ring/neck gems. Also final boss drops a +2 stats cap.
    -Aba 5-8. Bosses drop your usual boss drops and lv70 stones.
    -Forgotten Mines. Farm your exact UG but at a slower rate than the pk mazes.
    -Thundoria Mirage.

    -All equips are edited. This is the main balance. All classes get the same amount of PR, useless stats are replaced with useful ones for the specific class.
    While editing the equips they were all compared so they would be in a certain ranking order.
    • Classes skills
    -Crusader's Stealth runs out after 35 seconds then there's a 5 seconds gap till it's usable again.
    -Clerics heal 3x more with fountain.
    -Slightly increased the Spiritual Bolt damage dealing to players.
    -Seal of Elder can stun the enemy for 2 seconds.
    -Conch Ray can stun enemies in CA for 1.3 seconds.
    -Now magic classes can farm close enough to physical classes's potential. 3x more dmg with Spiritual Bolt and 2x more damage with Conch Ray/Lightning Bolt.

    -Lv45/55 unseals can be found at NPC.
    -Unseal lv65 farmable by defeating b1 and b2.
    -Lv70 stones farmable in Abandoned 5-8.
    -Farm your altar by killing BD then unseal it with powers and angelic dices from CA. In the presence of "Soul of black dragon" item, obtainable by killing BD upgrade your BD set to Rightful one.
    -For now we'll just introduce the lv75 weapons. B3 from DW3 will drop a Lv75 Sealed weapon that you can unseal with cash and some unsealing stones (4 of them) that are dropped by FC/DS/b1/b2 bosses.

    -Farm cash while staying afk, farming in DW1-2 and trade different items.
    -Azreal Gems capped at lv 6 and Soul of BD capped at lv 6
    -Cracked and chipped capped at lv3.
    -Spirit gems gives +2 SPR now.
    -Our staff is going to add a new resource package each 1-2 weeks so you will never, ever get bored.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


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    Re: [Tales Of Pirates] One-Hit 3 - Launched on 20 August 2012!

    Bump! D:

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    Re: [Tales Of Pirates] One-Hit 3 - Launched on 20 August 2012!

    unable to download client




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