Aeon TalesRunner is a private server of the casual game TalesRunner. We made this server based on the desire of people wanting to play TalesRunner again.

Server Status -
Started on - 12 September, been Active for 4 months now
Up to 300 users online everyday

Rates -
Experience x3
TR x10

Our Website - Let's play Talesrunner ~ Home

Full Client download - Aeon Full Client

Alternate Downloads - Aeon Talesrunner

We are still looking for the following -
A coder to help us script up a better donate page
- help with the paypal donate system.
C# - 2/2
C++ - 0/2
3DS Max Animation and Design - 2/2
If you are interested please post in the following format or add me via skype - fusion477:
Time Zone:
Past Experience:
Reason you want to join: