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    ⏳ Introduction:
    Hi this is Viking Sro online .
    140 Cap adventure.We have prepared a successful system in our 140 Cap project, but our market name is new,
    We have not had a successful start and a mass of players due to the fact that
    we have coincided with the opening date of many games at the same time.
    During this time, our server was kept open, we tried to provide quality service to our players and we succeeded,
    We believe that we are pleased with our players that we have received many support messages.

    Silkroad remains one of the most intense, thrilling and fun game that ever made, despite being 17 years old, the game still has one of the best fights all over the MMORPG games, everyone enjoys job activities, fortress wars and killing Uniques, despite having a lot of servers with some over edits, it still manages to deliver the purpose of gaming which is having fun, that's why we had to do some kind of improvement to the old school systems in order to make it more challenging, in another hand, We didn't want to ruin the essential conceptions of the original game-play, so we kept it as simple as possible.

    Main idea behind the 16th degree:
    We truly understand how frustrated most of the Silkroad players picking their favorite degree, and how hard for the developers to make the perfect server that matches all players' categories. But, after a long negotiation with the staff and many of Silkroad players, we settled on the 16th degree because it’s the most loved and balanced degree.

    Concept of the GamePlay:
    In Viking , we believe that almost all the new addons ruin the feeling of the real Silkroad, so at the beginning, we decided to get rid of all the new systems that could potentially ruin the nostalgia of the game. We added only the systems that we believe are fair for the whole classes which meet all the players' needs, such as private dungeons, changing drops from special Uniques and quests and even some additional methods of getting weapons for the haters of botting.

    One of many reasons choosing the 16th degree was the interior system of the skills, Silkroad has done a great job balancing the skills at this particular degree, although it wasn’t perfect enough, the Chinese characters have had reasonable damage toward the monsters. however, due to the face that European characters have some over-powered skills which work perfectly against the Chinese race, we worked on the balance to make it even better by fixing some skills and adding a passive booster for the Chinese race. We also nerfed some of the Europeans' skills which made them over-powered.
    Note: We will be testing the skills at the beta and we might change them at any time.

    We didn’t want our players to feel confused by adding several coins, instead, we used the original coins in the server which is (Arena Coins & CTF Trophies) they are the main currencies besides the (Gold) which is very valuable in Viking, also, We have to add the job points which increases the job activity value and makes all the players thrilled to collect and make more job points in order to get some magnificent items.
    ⏳ Opening:
    It opened during May 1, 2020

    Explain the Game information

    Info Value
    CAP 140
    Skils 140
    Max DEGREE 16
    Alchemy 1~8 100 % 9~12 60% 12 ~ 17 30% Max Opt. +21 (with Adv.)
    Mastery Cap 420 Ch-280 Eu
    PC Limit 5
    Guild Limit 50
    Job Rate 7x
    Union Limit 8
    Battle Arena Enabled ✔️
    Capture the Flag Enabled ✔️
    Races EU & CH

    Start items
    To boost you in at the beginning of your journey, we decided to give you some useful items like grab pet, devil, premium, reverse scrolls, return scrolls and a lite premium. Those items will be very helpful to you in the grinding phase and gold to buy items and 1000000 sp to fast lvl up your mestry skils the beginning Start lvl 1 + Yellow Devil M/F + Premium + God blase 5 %

    Grinding Areas

    Our aim in Viking is to get at least 2000 active players and to make enough grinding areas, we decided to rectify the high-level monsters zones by opening Samarkand and Constantinople as a secondary120- 150 monsters grinding areas. That means there are no more European monsters Lv 1 ~ 40. All players will be spawning in Jangan. The main grinding areas will be Jangan Cave, Constantinople, and Samarkand.
    and add new area for new player to power lvl Room

    Mobs Spot lvl

    Gearing up:

    At the start of your journey, you will be facing a lot of merciless monsters, that's why you will get supplied with pieces of equipment automatically until you reach level 90, afterward, you will start grinding to collect 10th-degree normal items (levels 90-96) to fight tooth and nail to reach level 100,then you can get items form npc degree 12 - 13 for 1 gold for one part then you mast go to kill height lvl mobs in constantinople to get new items degree 14 drob from mobs there

    Items Degree 12 (weapon )

    Items Degree 12 (Set )

    Items Degree 12 (accessory )

    Items Degree 13

    Most servers usually force players to invest more time collecting many coins to obtain something worthy in the server. In Viking principles, we decided to keep the game as plain as possible. So, you will be using the original Silkroad coins which are (Arena Coins & CTF Trophies) those will be the major coins. Also, we have an extra point that will be obtained by jobbing which is (Job Points) you can find it in your item mall (F10), as well as the Silk. And, not to mention the (Gold) that will be the most beneficial currency in the server.

    Arena coins
    - you can get Arena coins
    1- kill all Unique in game server
    2- kill jiny mobs lvl 150 but low Rate Drop
    3-Go to FGW and collect book and get Arena coin when u kill unique
    4- join Holy water Temple and get arena coin limit 2 in day
    5 - Join all auto Event per hour in game
    6- Winner Weekly rank unique
    7- make trade
    8-job Temple Unique
    You can see there are a lot of ways to get Arena

    1- when u stay active in game u can get silk per hour 1 silk
    2- u can make vote game in website and get 60 silk every 12 h
    3- when u kill normal unique will get silk
    4-some special quest
    5-job reward ( Hunter & Thief )
    that all way to get silk in game

    Servers usually have great inflation which leads to getting billions of gold easily and that made the gold currency meaningless, which makes us have a yen to the old times when having millions indeed made you rich, that's why we have decided to control the economy by measuring the methods of earning, items prices, and reducing the billions to millions, for that, we had to set the job's activity as the main method of gaining gold, besides, we made the uniques drop a huge pack of gold, also, you can get purchase a coin that worth One billion by being from npc You can also choose the right job for you to get gold

    It was used in a different way, which makes it a major point on the server, which is developing the character to become Vikings, and outperforming all players more easily which is the evolution of Stat point to make it equal to 150 level.
    Explain the quest

    we make some Special quest

    If you Get lvl 140 and don't find anything you can do come i will told you some thing important must make do that , Viking Special quest

    We make the special mission has been done to increase the Your power and More fun of the game, which is to increase your Stat point to become indomitable and this is Forgotten world

    -Watch the previous video for clarification

    If you finish the job, it will be 150 lvl at the ٍStat point only not ur lvl more damage and more attack You can do this task for only 40 times

    Sepacial quest

    1-kill mobs jinny lvl 150 at samarkand

    2- kill mobs 139 (witch of darkness - crazy marauder - snake general hew ) at samrkand

    3- Temple slayer ( job quest ) kill priest of punishment - sopdu - imhotep

    4- Apis slayer ( kill Unique Apis - kill white snake medusa )

    5- arabian slayer ( kill Unique thief boss - karakadann - white princess )

    ~How to get another Degree ( 14-15-16 ) ~
    1- Degree 14 you need to get lvl 120 and go there and attack in Constantinople to get items Degree 14 and collect stone to To prepare for the next arduous stage
    2- When you are ready for this stage, by getting all your items Degree 14 orphans, you must go to samarkand and here you will find mobs 130 ~ 140 here you can fiend to stone Degree 15 and when you go pamir plateau arean you will find mobs jinny 150 that strong mobs this mobs drob items degree 15 Star - moon - sun drob reat 80% - 60 % 40 %
    3 - last step to get items Degree 16
    - need to get items Degree 15 sun ( weapon - shield - set- accessory )
    - when u find Sum items Degree 15 go town janjan and got to Npc Pets and Scrolls Shop
    - Choose the right Scroll for you
    You must do this 3 times to get Sun D16
    5- upgrade من Sun D15 ----> Star D16
    Star D16 ----> Moon D16
    Moon D16 ----> Sun D16 XD
    u mast set item in first slot in inventory and use upgrade scroll and mast be plus 15 without adv

    more Unique Spawn map

    ��madness event ( 5 PM ) +2 Gmt

    ⚫️ kill the gm

    �� hide and seek

    �� Seek and Destroy ( hide and kill )

    ⚫️pvp war

    ��job war

    �� alchemy

    ⚫️lucky stellar

    ��unique event ( 10 PM ) +2 Gmt

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