[LEAK] Upcoming Playstation Codenamed “NEO”

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    [LEAK] Upcoming Playstation Codenamed “NEO”

    According to a few tech blogs there is reportedly a new PS4 in the works which is apparently offering around 4.19 TFLOPs of horsepower. The new PlayStation, codenamed "NEO", is expected to offer a 36 CU Polaris-based GPU - which means it's going to be using the 14nm FinFET process - increased clock rate to 2.10GHz on the CPU, with increases on clock rate on both the memory and the GPU in comparison to the PS4 currently available. There's a table below explaining things side by side.

    My opinion: With the recent news surrounding AMD, it looks like they're going to make one hell of a come back since for the past few years they have been losing huge amounts of money. I honestly hope things go well for AMD so that there will be more competition between Intel, AMD and Nvidia. I would not be surprised if Microsoft also release another new Xbox to close the gap between the latest Xbox One and the PS "NEO".

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    Re: [LEAK] Upcoming Playstation Codenamed “NEO”

    It'll most likely just be a slimmer version of the console, the same thing they did with the original ps3.