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[VOTING] RaGEZONE Awards 2017 Userbar voting!

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    thumbs up [VOTING] RaGEZONE Awards 2017 Userbar voting!

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    Hello everyone,

    Entries are closed and we are ready for voting! We didn't have a lot of entries this year but may the best win!

    Shoutout to @Jaximus and @Snopboy for entering.

    Voting will end in 2 weeks.


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    re: [VOTING] RaGEZONE Awards 2017 Userbar voting!

    Although I like the idea of Snopboy's design, I don't really like how the bottom part is made. I think the reason for that are the sharp corners and the monotone white gradient. The text looks good on it though. I really like the top part of it. Maybe if it would get fixed up a bit, I'll change my mind and vote for that one.

    I also want someone else than Jaximus to win this competition for once.
    Lots of love to him ofc :D

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    Re: [VOTING] RaGEZONE Awards 2017 Userbar voting!

    Jaximus always knows how to make a good userbar. While his style is similar every year, I can't justify voting for his opposition. I really don't like it imo. It's good but it doesn't match the way userbars have been for all these years. It's too fat. If the bottom section of it was gone, I'd maybe consider it as the rest of it is pretty good. But against Jax's design and animation I had to go with his. Props to both of you.

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    Re: [VOTING] RaGEZONE Awards 2017 Userbar voting!

    To me its all about the size, the first one simply takes up too much space. I like the basic design though, if it was all on one line.

    With only two entries though, I'm going to make sure to do something nice for both guys. Thank you so much to both of you for entering.

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    Re: [VOTING] RaGEZONE Awards 2017 Userbar voting!

    I agree on the size part. That made me chose @Jaximus's entry once again this year. Might as well hire him or something, lol.

    Also ffs @Elian xx, RIP emoji awards 2017:

    (converted using some online converter tool. it's slowed down too. couldn't figure it out with PS in time)

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    Re: [VOTING] RaGEZONE Awards 2017 Userbar voting!

    Meh ... I'm kinda disappointed that I was not able to make enough time for another entry tbh. I'm not the biggest fan of my entry this year.
    However I'll try to make as many improvements to it as possible so it feels like the same quality as last year. Now it feels kinda cheap-ish imo.

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    Re: [VOTING] RaGEZONE Awards 2017 Userbar voting!

    I do have to say @Jaximus even with the small attention with the entries, Your entry is rather intriguing to see nice one. It's compacted straight to the point yet rather fancy looking which would be nice to see around and the other one is widely open and spread so that one is nice as well but I am fixed onto Jax's.
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