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    Server files + editors + Client+Guide - Server files - Client
    ------------------------------------------------GUIDE-(not mine)------------------------------------------

    Free Infantry - Launching a Stand-Alone Server


    This short guide outlines how to get the latest version of the server from the SourceForge repository,
    set the server settings, and run the server with your own zone.

    It is intended for server programmers, rather than zone developers or players, but it's written for everyone in mind.


    You will need the following software installed before proceeding:

    ### 1. Tortoise SVN

    Firstly, [download TortoiseSVN](Downloads Ā· TortoiseSVN). A restart may be required
    to complete the installation.

    ### 2. Visual C# Express 2010 --or-- Visual Studio 2010

    Finally, [download Visual C# Express 2010](Visual Studio Express).
    Alternatively, if you already have Visual Studio 2010, you may use that instead.

    Obtaining the Latest Server Source Code

    Using TortoiseSVN, the most up-to-date code for the server can be obtained from our SourceForge repository.

    1. Create a new folder where you wish the code to download.
    2. Right-click on the folder and click on the SVN Checkout option.
    3. In the opened dialog, set the URL of the Repository to the following: ``
    4. Make sure that the Checkout Depth option is set to Fully recursive, and that Revision is set to HEAD revision. Click OK.

    The dialog will inform you once all the files have been downloaded.

    Building the Server Executable

    Now that you have the source code on your machine, it is time to build it into an executable.

    1. Navigate into the folder where you downloaded the source code in the previous step.
    2. In the trunk folder, double-click on the InfServer.sln file to open up Visual C# Express 2010, or Visual Studio 2010.
    3. From the menu, select Build and then select Build Solution. Alternatively, press F6. This will build the server.

    If you have any build errors at this stage, they will be shown to you. Make sure you have no build errors before continuing to the
    next step.


    The server requires that the trunk/bin/assets folder have all the assets necessary for the zone. This includes:

    * blo
    * lvl
    * lio
    * veh
    * cfg
    * release.txt

    Any files missing will be echoed back to you when you first start the server.

    Preparing server.xml

    A previous step has created the InfServer executable located in the trunk/bin folder. Before you can run the server, the
    primary configuration file server.xml must be properly edited.

    1. Open server.xml with your favourite text editor. Look at the <server> portion of the file.
    2. Make sure <zoneConfig> is set to the cfg file located in your assets folder (eg. Twin Peaks configuration file is ctf1.cfg)
    3. Make sure <gameType> is set to the proper game type for your zone. There are a limited number of Game Types:

    * GameType_CTF
    * GameType_CTF_OvD
    * GameType_NoMansLand
    * GameType_ZombieZone

    You can see all the Game Types available by navigating to the trunk/bin/scripts/GameTypes/ folder.

    Launching the Server

    Finally, the time has come to launch the server.

    1. Click on InfServer
    2. Note any missing files; you will need to provide these in the trunk/bin/assets folder prior to continuing.
    3. Ignore the connection failure with the database server; this is a stand-alone server that does not require a database.
    4. Your server is ready when the console prints "Starting server..."

    Modify Infantry.lst accordingly before launching the game, giving it an entry for your server. By default, the IP is and port
    is 1337.


    Have fun, Your welcome................. Golden Blaster (IGN since 2000)
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    Re: Server files + editors + Client+Guide

    could you share the server resources? asserts and scriptes are empty.....

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    Re: Server files + editors + Client+Guide

    please share server asserts files.

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