Small Issue with php and hex code of a file

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    Small Issue with php and hex code of a file

    $contenido =   @fread($gestor,   @filesize($accdir . '\\' . $Initial . '\\' .$nombre_fichero))or die("Error 1st Contenido!");
    $contrasenia = substr($contenido,52,32);
    $charsep = 1688;
    $char1 = substr($contenido,88+$charsep*0,20);
    $char2 = substr($contenido,88+$charsep*1,20);
    $char3 = substr($contenido,88+$charsep*2,20);
    This is my code and sometimes it has a space in those locations but, when I echo out $char1, $char2 and $char3 it will not show the spaces within the file. In notepad++ the spaces show as NULLs. Does anyone have a clue as how do I get it to see the spaces/Nulls within the document?

    Excuse the addition but, there was another issue that I perceived as well. When trying to take the variables $char1, $char2 and $char3 it would often give me an error about Unclosed Quotations in PHP when trying to input the code into a database with Microsoft SQL Server. Is there a way to clear up that issue?

    Thank you