New Ranking Page in development, need ideas

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    Hey Guys,

    This is not supposed to become an "advertisment thread" for any ranking page around. Thus I wont say any names or links.

    As probably a few of you guys read and heard I am working on a new replacement for the ToG, which is blocking most of the KalOnline owners because of someone randomly vote hacking for them.

    Now ofc the idea came up to make a new voting site, not just for the kal community but for all the servers out there.

    I know that another person and me already started a project like that, but we did not really think it throu....bought a script and released it without thinking about specifications.

    So lately I thought a little bit deeper about the idea and came up with the following points:

    1. The Site needs to be clean (not many statistics etc needed)
    2. The Site needs to be Protected with a SSL Cert (yes, that guarantees the users a higher lvl of security.)
    3. The Site needs to work with already existing scripts (an I think this is one of the most important facts about a new page. People do not want to code new voting scripts for their servers)
    4. Bigger image size in resolution and MB.
    5. ReCaptcha v2, IP and cookie secured to protect it from vote bots.
    6. Contact information and response to emails. (we all know ToG did never answer)
    7. Automatic reset system (nobody wants a page where the admin has to do things manually. not even the admin. Sometimes he forgets it and there will be no resets or late resets.)
    8. A Well known structure. (there are hundreds of voting sites out there which have a simple structure, keep it that way.)
    9. regulary updates (yes, the internet is always running, so you gotta keep up with your system.)

    Well, these points came into my mind. What do you guys think? What else would it need?
    Which points do you agree and which points you disagree with?

    Please let me know :)

    And for the Moderators: I know this is not a specific KalOnline thread, but this community has the biggest problems to find such a site and since I come from the KalOnline community I thought why not giving it a shot and ask them, so please do not remove it.

    I repeat. This is not a thread to advertise anything. Neither is this a thread to talk about existing ranking pages made by people of this forum. Just a collection of ideas.

    And I will also say this: Do not flame or troll around here please. Let us show that KalOnline can actually have threads without trolling/hating etc.

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    Re: New Ranking Page in development, need ideas

    Moved to Coder's Paradise as it's, as you said, not very Kal Online specific nor does it appear to get constructive attention in there.

    To anyone replying, please consider this isn't an advertisement of some sort nor talk about off-site services (top game rankings) or what happened on these in the past.


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    Re: New Ranking Page in development, need ideas

    Point 1: Agree.

    Point 2: The way to make a site work with HTTP and HTTPS is to use relative links everywhere, and don't use any third-party (fonts, styles, scripts, content, etc) unless it is HTTPS.

    Point 3: I'm confused about what you mean by "3. The Site needs to work with already existing scripts. What kinds of scripts? Why is that so important- it seems too general to work.

    Points 4 and 5.. ok I don't understand why the images need to be big in bytes, but fine.

    Point 6: That should be possible, but if you're making a redistributed voting system, what people do with it is out of your control- so don't worry too much about it. At most make a notification system in the admin/moderator UI, and perhaps integrate the notifications with email/text messages.

    point 7: Explain more on how that would work. Surely the poll won't be the same every time.. At some point a human needs to decide what people are voting for.

    Point 8 and 9: Ok sure :P