Where should I start?

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    Where should I start?

    Hello everyone! I've decided to learn C# but unfortunately I don't know where/how to start


    If you got any suggestions, please tell me where to start xD

    thanks in advance ;3

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    Re: Where should I start?

    I suggest you start by doing some practical work if you basic syntax of C#. Open Visual Studio, take up a simple task and code in C#. If you do not know how Google for solution.

    All the best!

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    Re: Where should I start?

    1. Pick up a technical book on C#. Any book that introduces most of the useful features of the language is fine. Someone else may be able to give exact recommendations.
    2. Read a chapter on the book, just far enough to learn about a new feature or two.
    3. Code a much-simplified version or a tiny self-contained portion of something you'd eventually like to be able to build. Be sure to A) pick a task that is 5% more difficult than you're currently comfortable with and B) apply at least one technique you just learned about in #2.
    4. If you're a master in C# programming, you're done. Otherwise, repeat from 2.

    I recommend a book so that you'll be able to find out about techniques you simply wouldn't be able to come up with on your own, to know what's out there and to know what to google for when you need it. A book alone doesn't stick though so it needs to be applied right away. If you can complete steps 2+3 in a day/evening then you'll get a nice mental note of it: "Today I learned xxx."
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