[READ BEFORE POST] Tutorials & Resources Rules

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    [READ BEFORE POST] Tutorials & Resources Rules

    Creating A Thread
    • Please give a title that accurately portrays the content provided.
    • Please remember to provide a download link.
    • Please check your links are active at all times.
    • Please reply to any issues with download links.
    • Please keep paid content in the market section.

    • Please state clearly what is provided
    • Please state if this content was not created by you
    • If this work is not your own please link to the original creator or site.
    • Please state any restrictions with use of this work of your own
    • Please provide multiple links if able on your own work
    • Please provide examples of your work or resources.

    Replies And Feedback
    • Please respect work created for free..
    • Disrespectful comments will be removed and infractions may be given.
    • If you do not like a resource provided or tutorial please refrain from posting
    • If you see any error in a tutorial please post respectfully with the error.
    • Please do not CnC tutorial samples. If you wish to change it, follow the tutorial and create your own.
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    Re: [READ BEFORE POST] Tutorials & Resources Rules

    Rules updated 26.8.2014