[Resource]Photoshop script: Export your vector layers from PS to SVG

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    [Resource]Photoshop script: Export your vector layers from PS to SVG

    Hello community!

    Found this script today on the web and decided to share it with whoever finds it useful.

    What this Photoshop script does?

    This script, once activated, exports all vector layers named with “.svg” at the end of the layer name as SVG files, along with their shape and color attribute.


    • Windows or Mac OSX
    • Photoshop CS5, CS6
    • Adobe Illustrator

    How to use the script:

    • Drag this to your adobe photoshop scripts folder: “Adobe Photoshop/presets/scripts”
    • (OPTIONAL) Go to photoshop and set a keyboard shortcut to use this script (can be done through “Edit” menu –> Keyboard Shortcuts” and then in File –> Scripts –> PS to SVG). We like to use CMD+ALT+E, but you can set whatever keyboard shortcut you wish.
    • In your PSD, name the vector layers you would like to export with a “.svg” at the end. For instance a layer named “Star” should be named “Star.svg”.
    • When ready – simply activate the script by the keyboard shortcut you defined in step 3, or by the menu in: File –> Scripts –> PS to SVG, and your files will be waiting for you in the same directory as your PSD.

    Tip: Works faster if Illustrator is already open before activating the script.

    Known issues:

    • The script is not compatible with the new versions of Photoshop CC, which by the way has an “export assets” feature.
    • The script also creates AI files in addition to the SVG files. You can delete those, you don’t need to use them.
    • This script only works on vector layers, and not on groups of layers.

    Script not working! What now?

    • Check that you put the “.svg” (DOT SVG) at the end of the names of the layers you wish to export, and that each of those layers is a single vector layer.
    • Check that your illustrator is working.
    • Check that the vector layers you want to export are closed vectors. Sometimes shapes can appear closed, but there are actually 2 overlapping points that have not been joined and therefore it is not really defined as a “shape” yet by Photoshop.

    Original post: Free script: Export your layers from photoshop to SVG in a single click! | HackingUI