[TUT]What is hot in UI design? (personal perspective)

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    [TUT]What is hot in UI design? (personal perspective)

    Hello this will be a short article I decided to write and share, viewed from my perspective.


    1. Flat
    As people get more accustomed to digital interfaces, there's less need for them to resemble real life objects.
    Shadows are disappearing, colors are simple and limited, vector illustration is also popular (for example the use of .svg instead of .png or .jpeg/.jpg)

    2. Minimal
    Buttons serve dual purposes and unnecessary components are hidden unless required. (for example, the software I am working for, uses the 'Next' button as a save button and as a tool to proceed ahead)

    3. Splash Photography and Videos
    In the background combined with the effect below. A lot of website using a video as background.

    4. Geometric figures
    Most popular are squares, however there is one used the most - circles. No reason why, they are just a popular shape right now. Not everything in the design world makes sense. However, circles do not need to align to anything - the are modern and beautiful - and the perfect tap/touch target.

    5. Blur - blur everywhere

    To sum up windows metro ui could be a good example if you will be designing a ui and considering the things mentioned above as well.

    Will be updating this in future.

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    Re: [TUT]What is hot in UI design? (personal perspective)

    I have always found that going for the minimalistic approach to UI design has proven to be the most effective and clean way for users to browse my sites. I highly recommend going for a minimalistic approach with UI design no matter what you're doing (Web sites, desktop applications, mobile applications, etc.). Along with that, the Flat UI is becoming increasingly popular but I guess it's nice if used correctly. I have given a couple of resources below that people might want to check out - and a great article on minimalistic web design, and thank you Thunda for your perspective on this.


    I disagree on the blur however, I have found that to be an eye-strain if used too much and using too little will make it barely noticeable.