[TUT][VIDEO]Basic tutorial videos for beginners.

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    [TUT][VIDEO]Basic tutorial videos for beginners.

    This is for absolute beginners who just opened Photoshop. This thread will be updated regularly with basic tutorial videos.

    Creating a new document in Photoshop

    How to add a stroke, outline to your text in Photoshop

    How to create a text in Photoshop

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    Re: [TUT][VIDEO]Basic tutorial videos for beginners.

    Guess this is the best place to post this since these are beginner tuts. Just have a look into it guys, really helpful.
    Some usefull tools explained i use these alot. Tried to find tutorials that were shorter than 5 minutes because I remember hating long videos when I just started photoshop.

    Smudge tool (very often used):

    Clone stamp:

    Pen tool (very handy):

    Now when you've made your path press your right mouse button for more interesting options, he didnt mention it in the tutorial but there is some fun stuff you can do with paths.

    Healing brush tool:


    Layer masks:

    Most of the above + more in 1 vid for a full rundown.

    Probably gonna update this post regularly
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