Request Section Rules

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    Request Section Rules

    Request Section Rules
    Creating A Thread
    • Request designs only for yourself and no other user.
    • Please give as much information as possible in your first post. [check post 2]
    • Please check your thread on a regular basis
    • Please reply to information requests with in one week.
    • Please keep paid requests in the market section.
    • Please do not bump your own thread multiple times! You can bump if no reply has been made after a week once only.

    • Please confirm any size restrictions or any preferred sizes.
    • Please state any colour requirements or preferred colours.
    • Please give us much information on the style you wish for the request.
    • Please provide as much information and links to any work you wish modified such as your site.
    • Please state when requesting a web design if this is to include coding and what type of coding.
    • If you require work with in a limited amount of time please state the restrictions in your first post.
    • Any design you are unhappy with please state so do not avoid peoples efforts or comments.
    • Try to provide examples to work from to guarantee you gain what you wish for.

    Completed Request
    • Once a request has been completed please close if able.
    • If unable to close your own thread please leave a comment requesting a mod to close.
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