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    Showoff [REQUEST] Signature png/gif

    [REQUEST] Signature png/gif

    I am currently on the lookout for a person that could make a slick .gif/png/jpg signature for a club/team of mine, preferably something that I can customize. I really liked the design of the RaGEZONE award .gif signature, but I do not want to be a copycat (unless I get permission hehe)

    What it should be on it:

    Name: Law Break - ローブレイク
    Logo: https://imgur.com/a/Y1yPu
    Website: law-break.com
    Design: Preferably something that includes a night life, either an animated background with a pixelated city in the night, with rain effects (in the background that does not effect or overlap the text) and flashing lights (that might be too much but epic if possible)
    Simply a plain background of a city in the dark with building lights, car lights etc. (like this; https://imgur.com/a/DVHNa) Do not get me wrong, this is not the background that is going to be used, only used as a concept.
    A pixelated night city (or in the light) with animation or not (hopefully animated) that has a car infront (as the main perspective) with the light flashing and the background is a city just with a pixelated car (as long as it "symbolizes japanese car production" it's alright, like a skyline)

    Sadly I lack the capability of paying the editor so the signature has to be done of free will.

    ( @Vaulient recommended me to mention @fallenfate and @Jaximus , apoligizes if I am disturbing you two in any way. )

    My request(s) might be very high, due to I really do not know what the standard for a free .gif here nor a png/jpg, mostly because I have never requested for a signature and I do not know if someone has the capability, knowledge or the "patience" to make the things I requested without payment.
    I could have done it myself, but it would have been crap and I lack the skills to do so, oh well I just really hope someone can do it, if not it was worth a try.

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    Re: [REQUEST] Signature png/gif

    Unfortunately too busy currently. You'll probably find someone that can help you :)

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    Re: [REQUEST] Signature png/gif

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaximus View Post
    Unfortunately too busy currently. You'll probably find someone that can help you :)
    Hey, no worries man.

    I'll most likely do it myself if it surpasses a certain time limit, just wanted to check if someone can help before I put the effort in doing so.