Search before you ask for Help!

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    Search before you ask for Help!

    Search before you ask for Help!
    Hello RF Online users!
    In order to keep the section clean and to make it easier for Aksel, the Supervisors, and I to moderate, please follow these steps before you post a thread asking for help...
    1. Search for a Thread - There may be a thread with a similar or the exact same problem! Your problem may have even been solved already!
    2. Google it - Believe it or not, just by "Googling" your exact problem, the answer might be staring you right in the face.
    3. Ask for Help - If all else fails, post a thread asking for some help from the community.
    4. Report it Solved - If someone solves a problem, either report it solved or change the thread title to [Solved] <Thread Title>, so that us moderators can take care of it as swiftly as possible!

    how to use search function : click here type the keyword, in additional option "Search in Forum(s)" choose "RF Online"
    or you can use google, open and type : RF Online xxxxx
    # change xxxxx to anything you are looking for,
    for example : RF Online normal account query

    I'm not saying it is difficult to moderate, but it makes it easier for users to find solutions as well when there aren't 15 threads about the same problem. I only ask of this considering the fact that RF Online has no help section, and that there are many help threads that have yet to be answered.

    Thank you for your cooperation!
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