[Warning] please read this

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    ! [Warning] please read this

    [Warning] please read this
    Warning To Everyone in RF Online Section

    There have been recent reports of scamming. If someone sends you a PM and offering to sell you something, it is likely a scam.

    If you buy something from someone or send money to someone it is at your own risk.

    Selling files is not permitted at RageZone, and we do not condone the selling of files. Please do not bring your outside deals to Ragezone.

    If you are selling/buying a service you need to visit and post in the RaGEZONE Merchant zone HERE: http://forum.ragezone.com/f606/
    Please make sure you read the rules of that section before posting.

    If someone is harassing you via PM: please report it, or report that person to a a moderator.

    Do not trust people you do not know. Be aware, and use your common sense.