[Wikia] [Rules]check this before posting updated : 29 December 2015

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    [Wikia] [Rules]check this before posting updated : 29 December 2015

    [Wikia] [Rules]check this before posting updated : 29 December 2015
    This Post for Rules, you can find index link in #2 Post

    All rules HERE will also apply in this section. So read these first!

    1. Any kind of Advertisments are not allowed in this section. Want to advertise your Server? Post them in the Free MMO Servers section
    2. If you find something that you think is wrong (Wrong Section, harasm, spam or something similar). Report it! Do NOT post anything in it!
    3. If a member is bothering you report him to a moderator!
    4. Do not spam Help thread. You have more than one question? Fine, post it in one thread!
    5. If you're searching team members please go to our Team Recruitment section
    6. No racism, insulting, abusive comments, flame, troll. If you do you WILL get an instant infraction. without warning.
    7. Offtopic and fights will get instant deleted and you will (for fights) get an instant infraction.
    8. "thank you" posts are not allowed. Use the like system. and rep system to say "thanks", "good job", etc
    9. No re-releases if the old link is still online!
    10. No Warez / viruses / hacks / cracks / malicious code allowed.
    11. No double posting or spamming. Posting in such threads will result in getting an infraction
    12. No "help me in skype" / "help me in teamviewer". Everybody can help you in a thread. If anybody wants to help you he can by sending a PM with request of teamviewer details. Also no "I send you an PM", "Give me your Skype" etc.
    13. If your question is answered or you fixed your problem post how you answered your question / fixed your problem.
    14. Title tags are required. If you don't have one you'll get an infraction.
    15. Do not use "important", "asap", "check this guys", "help me" or something similar in your title. Keep the title as short and descriptive.
    16. Buying and Selling is not allowed.
    17. Posts that don't have an english translation will be deleted and you will receive an infraction.
    18. You may not mention people just because they should help you. Doing so will result in an infraction.

    A reminder:
    and please provide link from filehosting server such as mega, mediafire, etc when releasing something. Don't use your server hosting link download.

    Title tags are as follows:

    Main Section [Discussion] [General]
    Release Section [Release] [re-upload]
    Help Section [Help] [Request]
    Development Section [Development]
    Tutorial Section [Tutorial] [Guide] [Video tutorial] [Video guide]

    Bumping / Pushing rules:

    • Only allowed if the Thread is a release / development / tutorial thread
    • If your own help thread is lacking an answer and is older than 5 days -> bumping allowed

    Every member of this section is required to look into this thread every so often. Moderators have the ability to change the rules at every time!
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    Re: RF Online - General Information [Read before posting]

    File Server and Client

    release index : [Index] Release index center - RaGEZONE - MMO development community
    tutorial index : [index] Tutorial index center Updated [01 august 2014] - RaGEZONE - MMO development community

    1. RF Giga 3

    2. RF Giga 4 Episode 2 kaswynn

    3. RF 2.1.5
      • Server
      • client : 1 (not tested and not sure it's clean or not), 2 (not tested and not sure it's clean or not), 3

    4. RF 2.1.6

    5. RF 2.2.3

    6. RF


    How to setup your server (setup is almost the same for any server version) :
    by Cora21
    by murasmune

    TroubleShooting :
    • Failed to Create Empty Document : it's cause by different error, search it and you'll find your own answer, most the time it's caused by Nation code, keepercall code or Fireguard
    • Account db failed : check your .ini and ODBC once again, and run as administrator
    • side by side error : install RF dependencies
    • cashdbworker error :
    • error 183 maximum user limit : it could be caused because your server is full, or your port is not opened/being blocked by firewall, and make the client can't connect to enter the zone/game
    • editing loading screen
    • Waiting for server respon when entering the game : usually because FG setting did not match, if you set fg to "FALSE" then FG_CB.ini in your client should be 0, if fg is TRUE, then FG_CB.ini must be set to 1
    • wrong input account after registering an account and trying to login : it's usually because you used wrong table, RU nation code use tbl_RFTestAccount, while another nation code use tbl_rfaccount, so try to register your account to tbl_RFTestAccount
    • Login server connection failure : your launcher can't connect to login port, make sure the port for login in launcher and your loginserver port is the same, some launcher have custom port...
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