The Lyrics of your current moment

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    The Lyrics of your current moment

    Describe your current moment with a lyric leggo :-)

    My current:

    "You know when you keep running but your legs are standing still?
    It's like you're stuck in a nightmare but you keep doing it for the thrill

    Well, this is reality
    You only live it once
    So wake up from your dream
    But just for tonight, let the lines get blurred
    Let your thoughts be free"

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    Re: The Lyrics of your current moment

    i like haggis
    look at my scars
    i don't like @pea-brain
    deep fried mars bars

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    Re: The Lyrics of your current moment

    Say hello to the masters, on behalf of the classless masses
    We showed up, ski masks, picks, and axes to murder asses
    Lift up our glasses and watch your palaces burn to ashes
    Fucking fascists, who the fuck are you to give fifty lashes?
    All 'cause I'm motivated, stimulated, never smoking simulated happy and burning hashes
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