My Music Songs =)

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    My Music (Spartakos Music)

    My Music Songs =)

    just wanted to share my youtube channel with all of you where i release my music, i like G-funk, Rap, Hip Hop, Trap usually, but other music like RnB is dope too! I collaborate with other people around the world and bring the good vibe and message out there =)!

    here is my channel:

    Recent music uploaded songs:

    Spartakos - The Voice FT TRAUMATO$E

    Spartakos - Goals FT TRAUMATO$E

    Spartakos - Life FT J.T.0.1

    Spartakos - Multinational (4 languages rap)

    Spartakos - Fear (G-Funk Version)

    Spartakos - Smokotin

    More songs:

    American Dream:


    Started making beats:
    West Coast GFunk Lo-Fi Type Beat

    Hip Hop Jammin Beat

    Hip Hop Legacy Beat

    Reggaeton Jungle Dance Beat

    Underground West Coast Hip Hop Beat

    Hip Hop Type Beat - Gasoline

    I have plenty of songs on the channel, my EP is in the works' This is Sparta' and more to come!

    Much love to all of you.
    I am Greek and English is secondary, i live in Germany Munich.

    I appreciate any genuine and honest feedback and even checking my music out <3
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    Re: My Music Songs =)

    What DAW do you use to edit/mix?
    -Cheat out-

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    Re: My Music Songs =)

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    What DAW do you use to edit/mix?
    I actually didnt got into mixing yet or mastering / producing, but which song specificly?
    i think the use logic pro, and for my old songs it was cubase

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    Re: My Music Songs =)

    Updated thread with my recent music! =)

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    Re: My Music Songs =)

    Started making some beats check out my beats composion ;)!