Synthwave/New Retro Wave

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    Synthwave/New Retro Wave

    Probably like everyone else who likes this genre, I watched the film Drive and got immediately hooked on the intro song Nightcall by Kavinsky.

    The best way to describe Synthwave/NRW is a revival of 80s soundtrack music with a lot of retro influence and cliche 80s effects. I'm mad about synthwave with some of my favourite artists including the likes of Kavinsky, Lazerhawk, Magic Sword and Miami Nights 1984. Here's a few tunes for you folk to listen to, tell me what you think about the genre.

    And as a bonus, here's a fantastic video to stick in the background of whatever you're doing - allegedly, there's a missing radio station from GTA V called Nightride FM which was supposed to be DJ'd by Kavinsky. The playlist contains some brilliant songs (my choice being Mitch Murder's Remember When). Hope you all enjoy it!

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