Failed Auto-Downloading TH

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    Failed Auto-Downloading TH

    anybody can help if this? i know its was a problem if fetch, but i dont know what i have to do.

    appears this error when starting the server with the GBXB1.9, i dont know if this may have something related to the problem
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    Re: Failed Auto-Downloading TH

    error 1

    make sure your fetch.dll or fetch.php is in the folder on your webserver (www folder or htdoc , im using xampp so ive put mine in htdoc folder) and make sure your webserver(apache) is running :P :D

    then edit your game client registry, type regedit in search and click the regedit. then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Softnyx\GunBound

    edit IP(, Buddy IP( and url fetch (404 Not Found) - setting is for localhost only

    error 2

    make sure your antivirus are off or just allowed GBXB1.9 in your antivirus

    your antivirus detect it as virus and put it in quarantine that's why youre getting error