[KOTH] Introduction & Rules

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    [KOTH] Introduction & Rules


    King of the hill or KOTH in short is a fun little game which is similar to a 1vs1, except there's a few differences. Basically one persons signature will start as the 'King' and you'll be challenged by another persons signature. The aim of the game is for the King to defend his 'King of the Hill' title up against as many other challenges as possible until he is beaten.

    If the current King wins more votes than the challenger then he stays at the top and new signature is put up for the challenge. This carries on until one of the challenging signatures beats the king and take its spot and the process continues like that. The aim of the game is to see how long your signature can survive as 'King of the Hill'.

    To challenge the King, post the signature you wish to challenge then with in the entries thread found HERE. Once your turn comes, a member of staff will post the thread/poll and voting will begin. Also, please familiarize yourself with the Rules before you post.

    Winner will be added to the "Hall of Fame"

    The Rules

    The rules are as follows:

    1: You're only allowed one entry at one time. Anymore and the last one will be taken down.
    2: Your entry can be a premade or a new signature. But collaborations are not allowed.
    3: Standard signature sizes apply. So no larger than 500x300px (ANYTHING LARGER THAN THIS WILL NOT BE USED) (swap for any vertical).
    4: Your entry must of been made by you and you only. If it has been stolen from another source, then signature will be declined and action will be taken.
    5: Your entry can be edited up to the point it is next to face the current "King".
    6: Voting will either last until either entry gets a total or closest to 10 votes (first to ten wins) or after one day of voting! (24 hours).
    7: If the voting end in a tie, the previous King will move on to the next round.

    Feel free to post any questions in this thread and I willl do my best to answer them.
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