Accepting payments and sustaining your private server

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    note Accepting payments and sustaining your private server

    Starting something I've been planning for so long now I just realize the problem of sustainability! Every private server kinda needs "donations" or simply sell in-game services like VIP memberships and some items, but accepting online payments can be a really tedious issue.
    Turns out most popular payment gateways won't payout unless you provide a bank account, and if you do that, pretty sure you'll need to declare that income to the government (hence apply VAT taxes and such).

    So I was wondering how most server owners would overcome this issue, which platforms or payment gateways would fit better for us?

    Personally, I'm not doing this for profit but pure fun; a side project I had in my mind since I was a child, so I'm thinking about something like an e-wallet... Or virtual debit card which can be both loaded and charged globally. Because I don't need to withdraw money for personal use, as long as I can use the same account to perform the payments I need to do like servers, hosts, licenses, and domain without the need to move the money between platforms.

    I'm really looking for your thoughts on this

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    Re: Accepting payments and sustaining your private server

    In case here in the Philippines, i am using Paymaya. I can connect to paypal or have a card wherein i can just withdraw the money. Players can just easily donate by just loading my account in convenience stores like 7/11 and some major shopping malls. However, i still on the process of implementing it :D, but i know it would surely work as i expect it.
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    Re: Accepting payments and sustaining your private server

    For PayPal, you don't need government shi* as far as I know. I currently use PayPal for payments and all I did was connect my bank to it (using cheque or login to bank account online) PayPal won't ask for any income taxes or such.