[Guide] How to prevent being scammed

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    [Guide] How to prevent being scammed


    So I decided it would be a good idea to write a quick guideline of how to prevent yourself from falling victim to scams here on ragezone. This is mainly for the MU online community since I constantly see people getting scammed by fake files or services. This guide will be broken up into different parts to make it easier for you to understand.

    1. Find out whats trusted on the market
    2. How do you know if something is trusted?
    3. How to spot a scammer?
    4. What do I do if i've been scammed?

    Find out whats trusted on the market:
    The most important thing when buying anything, is making sure you're buying a reputable product. You should always look around for reviews to see what other people had to say about the service or product. This does not mean find one or two reviews and buying it straight away. If you can't find many reviews, that's probably a bad sign. This probably means the product is fairly new, in which case you should ALWAYS ask for a trial. Never buy from a new team with no reviews without first testing them. If they don't offer you a trial, take your money somewhere with more reviews.

    The MU online section is full of sources, it's very easy for someone to compile them and make their own team and sell the files, with no changes or fixes. Here is a list of Current products/services that are well known or trusted in the MU online community. Please note, these do not have my vouch! These are only based off what i've seen in the community:

    Server files:
    Build Awesome MU Server with IGC Server Suite - Season 12 Part 1-2
    X-Team Developers

    UGK Gameshield - The Best Choise Of Private Online Game Administrator

    How do you know if something is trusted?

    There are many ways that determine if a product or service is trusted. I will try to breakdown a few of the obvious ones.

    Firstly, most recognized software have their own websites. All products should be purchased off a website ONLY. Never purchase a product through places like skype, AIM, facebook, or private messages. This way you can view a full list of their features and guides on installation. Most of the time their websites have their own support systems such as a forum board or a ticket system. When ever you make a purchase online, always make sure the website is secure. You should always check to see if the website has a SSL certificate, these are normally located to the left of the websites URL, its a little green padlock icon.

    Another way to know if something is trusted is by simply asking. Ragezone is not only here for releases, but it's also a place to discuss and ask questions. Chances are, you are not their first customer, so it's easy to get other peoples opinions on it. Also, like mentioned in the first section, always check for reviews! When looking for reviews, don't always believe whats been placed on their websites. Sometimes people will post fake reviews to gain reputation. The best way to find reviews is here on Ragezone.

    How to spot a scammer?

    Scammers have been doing what they do for a long time, they probably have a lot of experience in scamming. So sometimes it can be quite difficult to spot one. But i'm going to try my best to breakdown some methods that are commonly used.

    The most obvious scam is done using services like skype or facebook. This is when someone messages you claiming to be someone else or offering you fake files. They will link you fake screenshots or link you someone elses profile claiming to be them. Don't be fooled!

    So how do you prevent this? There are many ways to prevent yourself getting into these situations. Firstly, never buy cracked files! Most of the time these are fake files that could potentially have malicious software in them. Scammers will offer you these cracked premium files for a very cheap price. A price that's almost to good to be true! Well that's because it's probably not true.

    Another obvious way to spot a scammer is, they never take NO for an answer, they will constantly try to convince you that their files are safe and authentic. Which is most likely, not the case. Most professional services will not harass you trying to sell something. They will also not contact you directly. You will need to contact them in order to make a purchase.

    If someone is claiming to be a reputable developer here on Ragezone, Always ask them to private message you before making a purchase. Never believe any excuses they give you, such as they can't private message you right now because they are at work, or they are on their mobile phones. THIS IS A LIE. Never make any purchases without first confirming who you are talking to!

    If you are using paypal to purchase something. Always pay with "Goods and Services" this will make it easier for you to get a refund if you were scammed. Paypal normally dismisses the case if you used the friends and family payment method

    What do I do if I've been scammed?

    The best way to report a scammer is by posting here: Fake/Bad - MuOnline Developers or Services

    If you made the purchase from a website, you should always report the scam to their hosting provider. When reporting, always provide as much proof as possible. This will normally lead to their hosting plan being terminated. You should always try to get a refund with paypal or your bank after you have been scammed. You will also need to provide as much evidence as possible.

    You can find out who their host is by using tools such as: https://who.is/.

    I will constantly keep this thread updated with new links and methods. Happy gaming!
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    Re: [Guide] How to prevent being scammed

    up for this

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    Re: [Guide] How to prevent being scammed

    Good one brother, thanks for sharing value to the community!

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    Re: [Guide] How to prevent being scammed

    Quote Originally Posted by KarLi View Post
    Good one brother, thanks for sharing value to the community!
    Always a pleasure to keep it safe :)

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    Re: [Guide] How to prevent being scammed

    Always the best way to pay online is Paypal or use a credit card. Most credit card company will refund you. But always think before you buy it. If you have a bad feeling that you about to get scammed, "don't buy it".